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Curve in the Cloud

  • Curve has produced cloud-based software since 2004
  • Thanks to continuous automated updates, practices work with the latest software version every time they log in. Alll it takes is a web browser and an Internet connection to access the system. You do not need to configure or install hardware or software.
  • Over 50,000 dental professionals in the United States and Canada use Curve Hero, more than any other cloud-based practice management software
  • The company is privately held, with offices in Provo, UT; Atlanta, GA; Calgary, Alberta; and Aberdeen, Scotland
  • Curve is reinvesting $60M into our SuperHero™ solution over the next 3 years to continually enhance the features and services we offer.

Database & Security

  • Each practice has its own database that is separate from all other client databases. Only you and your employees with an authorized password will have access to your data.
  • Data is saved and stored professionally in a top-tier Amazon Web Services data center. assuring best-in-class cybersecurity protection, including regular 3rd-party intrusion testing.
  • Continuous backup to Amazon Tier 1 Web hosting ensures the accuracy, accessibility, and integrity of data. Annual 3rd-party intrusion detection and security audits are included in the regular fees to ensure data is secure from the latest cybersecurity threats.

Data Conversion & Training

  • Curve Dental has successfully converted data, files, and images from OVER 90 practice management software products, both server-based and cloud-based. To date, we have completed 4,000+ conversions ... and counting.
  • Curve Hero training is structured to ensure fast adoption. Our customers tell us that new employees can be up and running in less than a day
  • Training is web-based, eliminating the need for your team to travel.
  • Training consists of six 90-minute sessions for each adoption
  • Employees have access to Curve Community, a library of self-help videos and articles plus free Hero Huddles webinars on new features and releases as well as Newbie Videos that focus on specific hero features for new or temporary employees to get up to speed.

Practice Sizes

  • Curve is ideal both for independent and multi-site practices.
    • Independent practices have access to the same computing power as larger practices at an affordable cost
    • Curve SuperHero™ is extremely scalable and offers many benefits to Groups/DSOs, like anytime/anywhere access, centralized administrative operations, role-based security, custom reporting & analytics, function-based and location-based permissions, and cost savings.


  • 24 x 7 x 365 customer support (Emergency services such as the inability to log-in or capture images are available 24/7/365.) Normal hours are 7:30 am to 8 pm EST, Monday-Friday.
  • 3 ways to reach customer support:

Integration Partners

Curve integrates with top industry partners to enhance the Curve platform in the areas of payment processing & financing, patient engagement, online reputation management, and eSolutions. Top integration partners include:

  • Dental Whale
    • Save an average of 32% on supplies, labs, and equipment.
    • Access the 4th largest equipment repair team in the nation.
    • Obtain CE credit through educational content available from Dental Whale.
  • Global Payments
    • Direct integration into Curve eliminates double entry, costly errors, and reconciliation times.
    • Using text-to-pay, patients can opt-in to receive a text message containing their statement with their current balance. By clicking on the "Pay"link, they can instantly pay their bill from a credit card.
    • Help protect cardholder data and help prevent fraud with EMV technology, encryption, and tokenization.
  • Mango Voice
    • With Curve GRO™, the patient engagement tool within Curve SuperHero, team members can follow-up on calls with automated text messages. Patients can also text back to respond to missed calls.
    • Send automated calls via Curve GRO when you miss a call.
    • Customers can click a number within the Curve database to instantly make a call - no manual dialing needed.
  • BOLA Voice-Activated Perio
    • Dictate your perio exam directly into Curve Hero.
    • 99.9% voice recognition that can understand any speaker regardless of accent or speaking style.
    • Easy set-up. The quick install plus interactive training mode for hygienists takes only 15 minutes.

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Press Release

Curve Dental Announces Integration with Mango Voice to Streamline Patient Phone Communication

Mango’s cloud-based VoIP system offers Curve customers simplified phone-based communication tools that will scale with them as they grow their practices.

Publish Date: April 4, 2022


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