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New depths of satisfaction for Hygienists across North America.

Great gums afire! The modern dental practice has needed a better solution for charting, tracking, and reviewing periodontic patient data. Curve® has surfaced an amazingly innovative design with a simplified interface. Our advanced graphical view includes teeth that are drawn anatomically correctly, which allows for easier perio charting and increased input accuracy.

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Key Dental Perio Charting Benefits

Simplify perio charting

  • An innovative graphical view includes teeth that are drawn anatomically correctly for easier perio charting and increased input accuracy.
  • An optional table view is a great way to quickly see an in-depth overview of a patient’s oral health and track periodontal conditions.
  • Intuitive dental perio charting keyboard shortcuts make it a snap to input all patient data.

Create personalized perio exam settings

Customizable perio exam settings enable you to set start conditions, chart specific dental conditions, skip teeth with certain attributes, and update alert values.

Save Time with Voice-Activated Perio Charting

  • A partnership with BOLA AI enables dictation of perio exam directly into Curve Hero.
  • 99.9% voice recognition that understands any speaker regardless of accent or speaking style.
  • Quick installation plus interactive training means hygienists can be up and running in 15 minutes. You'll be ready to start charting on Day 1!

Easily capture and evaluate periodontal data

  • Curve SuperHero™ contains features that simplify the entry and evaluation of periodontal data including pocket depth, gingival margin, bleeding, calculus, suppuration, plaque, mobility, and furcation.
  • Periodontal conditions can also be captured by adding a note to an individual tooth.


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The layout is clean, appealing and simple for patients and employees to use.

Sonya Shearman Aaron M. Shearman, DDS, PLLC

I highly recommended this practice management software for any practice wanting to save time, money and streamine their office.

Mark Colonna The Montana Center for Laser Dentistry

As a Dental Assistant, I would encourage any dental office to use Curve Hero! its intuitive, the customer support is wonderful and the patients love it!

Brenda Timothy Elloway, DDS

Ready to see how Curve Hero can streamline, strengthen and secure your practice?

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