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This is the best thing to happen in patient communication since "Rinse and Spit"

With Curve GRO®, you’ll experience fewer no-shows, cancellations, and callbacks. You’ll also increase recare appointments by sending automated patient reminders using minimal staff time. By automating and escalating communication using “if-then” logic and preferences you set, GRO enables the right message goes to the right patient at the right time.

GRO also sports robust features allowing patients to self-schedule, and initiate conversational text conversations with “friendly humans” in your office. You can also solicit customer feedback via text or email to increase your number of positive reviews.

Patient Engagement begins with superior data management. That’s why having your communications and your patient records in one database is so powerful -- no data syncing or add-on software is required.

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Key GRO Benefits

Reduce no-shows, cancellations, and callbacks

  • Automatically send easily customizable text or email appointment reminders.

Increase recare appointments

  • Send automated patient text reminders for scheduling appointments.

Save patient and staff time with patient self-scheduling

Patients self-schedule on their preferred device, captured in real-time on your practice’s schedule.

Use Group Messaging to send custom messages to multiple patients at once

  • Blast messages to multiple patients regarding their appointments in event of an office closure, unavailable providers, and more.

Increase staff efficiency

Automate time-consuming patient communication tasks such as dual data entry and phone follow-up.

Make patient communications more convenient with two-way conversational texting

  • Patients can initiate text conversations with staff to receive timely and accurate responses.

Achieve superior data management and save money

Eliminate data syncing and add-on software because your communications and patient records are in one database.

Increase the number of positive reviews

Automatically point patients to your Google, Facebook, or Yelp sites. Use Live Text to engage and thank each patient who provides input.

Enable patient education

  • Patients can access the entire Curve Dental library of informational videos, increasing trust in your practice, and facilitating treatment acceptance. (Powered by Curve Hero)

Enable patients to view their statements and pay online via Patient Portal

  • Customize individual patient statements, create default messaging for all new statements, and process payments from all major credit cards. (Powered by Curve Hero)

Enables HIPAA compliance

  • Provides secure communication between you and your patients for matters that cannot be communicated via email.

Quote Me

Curve GRO is phenomenal. I can do online booking so patients can easily go on, and I have control over this, and they can booth their hygiene appointments. They can book whatever appointments I allow them to book, and that's included in Curve GRO.

Dr. Kirk King Dentistry by Design

Curve has been so successful in our office. Its very user-friendly and easy to learn.

Jemma Jackson Powers Family Dentistry

All our patient communication is integrated into Curve, so it saves us having an additional platform in that area, such as recalls as well.

Dr. Hans Herchen Dental Choice

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