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We are constantly thinking about the security and integrity of your data. We focus on protecting your data, so you can concentrate on running your practice.

ISO Certified

If the data center you use to store your patient information is not ISO certified, you’re not as well protected as you may think.

Curve® is ISO 9001 Certified, which is the world's most recognized Quality Management System (QMS) standard. All Curve quality processes undergo intense scrutiny through internal and third-party audits in order to ensure that these standards are maintained.

Curve stores and manages all data in a top-tier Amazon Web Services (AWS) Data Center. AWS is an ISO 27001 certified Information Security Management System (ISMS), a leading international standard focused on information security, published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), in partnership with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

Why That is So Important

Security is at the center of Curve's software-as-a-service (SaaS) model.

We protect your data via:

  • Our Product
  • The Data Center
  • Our Company and our Processes

The certification process measures the performance of best security practices and identifies opportunities to improve those practices. This is important because Curve Hero is a single platform and database that manages all sensitive data—including imaging. Our ISO certifications ensure the integrity and safety of the data.

Our Data Center is also HIPAA Compliant

The AWS data center provides HIPAA compliant data security. AWS System and Organization Controls (SOC) Reports, which are independent third-party examination reports that demonstrate how AWS achieves key compliance controls and objectives, are available on its website.

Compliance with Canadian Laws including PIPEDA

Curve Dental collects and stores personal information pursuant to the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), and personal health information (PHI) under the various provincial statutes that govern its protection. Dentists, called Custodians or Trustees under those acts, are allowed to use agents, such as Curve Dental and the software products it sells, to assist them when they manage their businesses to provide care.


Over the years, Curve Hero has earned awards in many categories. G2, the world’s largest tech marketplace, ranks Curve Dental #1 in 6 major categories for dental practice management software with a Net Promoter Score, which measures customer satisfaction, is significantly higher than our competition.

Why That is So Important

This recognition by reputable sources like G2 reinforces that we remain on track delivering to our customers the best software experience possible.



More customers who reviewed Curve Dental gave us 5 stars than any competitive product. That makes us smile.

Why That Is So Important

A 5-star customer review is the highest praise we can receive. Dentists value the recommendations of their peers, and this level of satisfaction among so many customers means we’ve earned their trust.

Testimonial-Star-Image Testimonial-Star-Image Testimonial-Star-Image Testimonial-Star-Image Testimonial-Star-Image

Since moving to Curve Hero we’ve seen so much operational efficiency.We love the easy-to-use interface.

Dr. Nancy Diagamo
Houston, TX

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