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Curve Dental’s comprehensive, 100% cloud-based dental software will benefit your entire practice — from the front desk to assistants, hygienists and dentists. At Curve Dental, we think of ourselves as your partner. We’re not done after implementation and training — we want to continue to help you grow your practice and achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

100% cloud-based success

Curve Dental’s mission is clear — we partner with dental practices of all sizes to help them work more efficiently. Our 100% cloud-based dental software solution provides a modern method to simplifying and streamlining dental practice tasks such as billing, charting, imaging and scheduling. We have the experience and expertise to migrate you to the cloud easily, all while ensuring your patient data is safe and compliant.



Fully integrated solution protects your data and helps you grow your practice in the cloud.


Customer service

Our best-in-class customer support team is available 24/7/365, to answer any questions you may have.



With Curve Dental’s intuitive charting system, you can chart even the most aggressive cases.


Work remotely

Easily access your securely stored data from anywhere with an internet connection.



Practices get up to speed very quickly due to the simple, clean design we’ve built for thousands of dental practices.

Featured Case Studies

Learn how Curve helped save a practice after a burglary and how remote web-based access improved another practice's efficiency — from day one.

Debunk Mean Cloud Myths

Take the mystery out of dental practice management software.

Top 5 features you’ll love



Curve Dental’s philosophy: Keep scheduling simple. We do this with drag-and-drop functionality the entire team can easily use. The ability to access data from anywhere with an internet connection makes the scheduling feature the right solution for dentists and office managers on the go.

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So, our team is not a “feature” in the traditional sense. But, we like to think our employees set us apart. From developers to customer service agents, the Curve Dental team strives to deliver the personal touch dental practices need to fully benefit from the convenience and flexibility of cloud technology.

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Your path to better dental billing starts here. Curve Dental’s billing feature is easy to learn and quick to use. The solution simplifies posting payments and adjustments and provides patients with concise statements with easy-to-find balances.

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It’s time to reimagine imaging software. Curve Dental’s technology lets you store digital images directly to the cloud, improving workflow efficiency while giving you remote access to your images.

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Take the complexity out of charting with Curve Dental’s graphical, responsive charting system.

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  • Dr. David Albertson
  • Dr. Lisa Fox

Why they're smiling

“Bottom line: the dental software delivers all the needed features necessary to run a contemporary dental practice. It provides the necessary metrics easily. The folks at Curve are responsive to their customers needs and seem to be in a constant upgrade mode… I recommend this system constantly. I've not been disappointed at any time since implementation three years ago.”
Frederick Lurie, DDS
“First, Customer Support is OUTSTANDING. You can call or submit a ticket. Tickets are responded to quickly — normally between 5-10 minutes and many times I have received a phone call from the customer service tech to answer my concerns. When I have called in myself, I have never waited more than 5 minutes on hold. The conversion process worked well for our office. We had a clear understanding on the front end as to what would and would not convert, and they were VERY good at helping to make sure our existing treatment and treatment plans converted properly.”
Office of James R. Bragg Jr., DDS
“Curve is very easy to use and very user-friendly. Navigating through the program is manageable for even the least computer-savvy person. When we train a new staff member, I never worry about teaching them the program because it is so easy to teach.”
Sonshine Family Dental

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