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Customize and simplify treatment plans for easier understanding to drive acceptance.

Curve Hero's treatment planning makes it easy to customize and update treatment plans, determine insurance coverage and patient obligations, and increase acceptance rates.

Key Treatment Plan Benefits

Easily create treatment plans

  • Save time and improve efficiency with charting shortcuts.
  • Quickly organize the treatment plan by visit with treatment plan tabs.

Quickly estimate insurance portion and insurance adjustment in treatment plans

  • Customize treatment statements so patients understand financial obligations for each visit.

Drive acceptance with customized and simplified treatment plans

  • Create customized, simplified layouts that patients can easily understand.
  • Customize language using layman’s terms to replace dental terminology.
  • Clearly communicate waivers and disclosures.

Obtain fast patient treatment plan approval

  • Enable patients to sign plan from their preferred device immediately after treatment review with eSignature feature.  
  • Eliminate paper trail because signature automatically stored in patient’s file.

Easily schedule multiple appointments associated with treatment plan

  • Use Sidekick feature to easily schedule the next visit or series of visits one at a time.
  • Update complex treatment plans on the fly if run into unexpected issues.
  • Easily click and drag procedure codes into new or upcoming visit if need to deviate from original plan.

Dramatically increase collection with Curve Benefits Advisor

  • Obtain incredibly accurate real-time patient insurance status.
  • Gain immediate insights into deductibles and maximum coverage for each visit.
  • Know how much the patient owes and insurance covers for each procedure.
  • Check each day’s patient eligibility on appointment, treatment plan, invoice, or Sidekick screens.




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