We’ve gotten really high marks for our fully customizable snapshots of financial and patient data.

Choose from a large selection of standard dental reports written for you or easily customize them so you can view information the way you want it. Reposition a column, change or remove filters on the fly, and your reports are updated in a flash. Even save a template you’ve created for future use. If the flexibility of Curve Hero's reports seems endless, maybe it's because it is!

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Key Reporting Features


Countless system reports with data available as far back as you want. Customize away!

Actionable dashboards

Driven off of 50+ unique slices of mission-critical data for a rolling 12-months or as far back as you want to go, our dashboards are much more than just pretty pictures

Financial reports

On-the-fly information for production, collections, aging, and more

Recare reports

Recare is critical to the success of your practice and these reports make analyzing Recare quick, easy, and actionable

Scheduling reports

Quickly create and view a report to see which patients have appointments for any given date, procedure, length; and easily view the status of any provider

Clinical reports

Handy treatment plan reports highlight unscheduled treatment plans to boost your bottom line

And more ...

The beat goes on!  We deliver an array of other valuable reports for patients, insurance, and more. No matter what you need, we have a report for it!


Quote Me

No more worrying about backups, Curve keeps it in the cloud. I can ccess my schedule from anywhere.

Dr. Paul Yeung Paul Yeung, DDS

We love the ability to access the software from multiple locations, and the customer support is outstanding. There are constant improvements happening that make Curve better each day.

Ashley Griffith Berks Prosthodontics

My experience with Curve has been excellent, with amazing features, easy treatment planning and amazing customer support. I am proud to be a Curve user.

Dr. Weston Spencer Weston Spencer, D.D.S.

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