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Bing. Badda. Boom. Save your staff over 10-hours a month, and create a better workflow when you use Curve's integrated payment processing partners for electronic card transactions.

Reduce receivables and improve cash flow with fully integrated payment processing. Process debit and credit card payments. Offer your patients electronic payment options to reduce past due accounts, accelerate cash flow, and reduce operating expenses.

Infographic - Bluefin and Global Payments - 08.26.2021


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No more worrying about backups, Curve keeps it in the cloud. I can access my schedule from anywhere.

Dr. Paul Yeung Paul Yeung, DDS

Curve's ease of use is amazing. Simple to train new staff members.

Jeanne Duran Sonshine Family Dental

Curve Hero is a superb software that has helped improve every aspect of my practice. Curve has everything needed to run a efficent office and has helped me take control of my business.

Dr. Jason Streeter Streeter Dental

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