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Billing should never have to feel like a square root canal.

Save time and get paid faster with effortless billing and configurable invoices. Simplify how you build, distribute, monitor, and process billing. Get your moolah moving.

Curve Hero integrates with two industry leaders to help ensure you have the best billing solution for your needs.

100% Integrated Solution: Bluefin is integrated directly into Curve Hero, saving your business time and money. Avoid duplicate entries and reconcile payments faster. Payments are automatically uploaded and posted to your Curve Hero ledger. 100% Integrated Solution: Direct integration into Curve eliminates double entry, costly errors, and reconciliation times. All payments are automatically created and posted back to your ledger in Curve Hero.
All Payment Products: Bluefin’s integration provides contactless, face-to-face retail and mobile payment processing, as well as E-commerce payments, with a variety of encrypted payment devices from PAX and ID Tech.
Recurring Billing: It is simple to set up recurring billing payments for your clients through the Bluefin Portal, and all payment information is immediately tokenized for secure storage and use.
Integration with Quickbooks/Xero: Bluefin provides a simple connection with our partner, Synder, to all QuickBooks/Xero accounting systems. This enables you to quickly import all payment data processed through Bluefin into your accounting management system, saving on average 8 hours per week of bookkeeping time.
All Payment Product: Includes Contactless, EMV/card insert, easy-to-implement ethernet and Wifi devices options, HSA/FSA card, and decline minimizer feature.
Card On File: Securely store card on file data for payment on the date of service. Enter credit card information directly into Curve without a card reader/device, making remote billing and collections work easier than ever.
Text-to-pay: Patients can opt-in to receive a text message containing their statement with their current balance. By clicking on the "Pay", link, they can instantly pay their bill from a credit card.
PCI Scope Reduction: All Bluefin card-present payments done through Curve Hero are backed by our PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE), which immediately encrypts payment data upon swipe, dip, tap or key entry in our P2PE certified devices – providing your office a higher level of security while reducing your PCI scope to just 33 questions. PCI Scope Reduction: PCI-compliant devices that would reduce your annual questionnaire to 33 questions- saving your practice time.
Increased Security: In addition to PCI-validated P2PE, Bluefin transactions are protected with EMV (chip-enabled payments), which authenticates your cardholders, and tokenization for the safe storage and reuse of payment data. Increased Security: Help protect cardholder data and help prevent fraud with EMV technology, encryption, and tokenization. Security Breach Guarantee covers a merchant for up to $100,000 ($0 deductible) to pay for audits, fines, or other expenses associated with a processing breach.
Highly Competitive Rates: Bluefin will conduct a free review of your current processing statements, and provide you either meet or beat processing rates. And each Curve client is assigned a direct sales team member to work with, from the time of inquiry, to your merchant application, to approval, and to onboarding and setup. Highly Competitive Rates (no middleman involved): Global Payments Integrated provides Curve customers highly competitive processing rates that ensure you are getting the most innovative solutions, security, and savings on the market. No middleman involved in your payment lifecycle.

Key Billing Benefits

Increase full payments with highly effective statements

  • Generate comprehensive and easy-to-understand statements with clear, concise details.
  • Statements feature an easy-to-find balance, payment instructions, and a list of other dental appointments for members of the same family.
  • Everything is designed to clearly inform patients and increase the likelihood of full payment.

Easily customize dental billing statements

Customize what prints on billing statements so they are easily understood by the patient.

Reduce labor by easily posting payments

Payments are applied to the insurance portion or the patient portion, depending upon the payee, saving you time and money.

Save time with fast and easy adjustments

Curve Dental’s workflow makes adjustments fast and easy by providing all the information you need to make all changes in one place.

Simplify eClaims submissions and tracking

  • Curve’s partnership with Change Healthcare includes SimpleAttach (included in Curve’s monthly. subscription) which enables customers to easily and quickly submit an attachment for any eClaim.
  • Curve’s eClaims feature enables you to easily claim status with just a few clicks.
  • Send and track claim status through all stages of the clearinghouse, insurance, and more.

Save time and money with simplified eTransactions

  • Obtain patient insurance eligibility within seconds.
  • Automatically receive ERA to understand claim status and reimbursement amount.
  • Store patient benefits in Curve Hero to allow you to quickly estimate and explain insurance benefits to patients.

Increase statement accuracy

Curve’s crisp, clean approach greatly contributes to more accurate statements.

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We love the cloud. Curve’s Customer Support is OUTSTANDING.

Donna Williams James R. Bragg Jr., DDS

Curve Hero is a superb software that has helped improve every aspect of my practice. Curve has everything needed to run a efficent office and has helped me take control of my business.

Dr. Jason Streeter Streeter Dental

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