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Housing and backing-up your data in a top-tier Amazon Web Services (AWS) Data Center is simply smarter. That's why we take securing your data to a higher degree. We never forget that you own your data, and we expertly manage it for you.

How Curve Keeps Your Data Safe and Accessible.

We host our cloud applications at AWS, where state-of-the-art  security is built into all facets of the data centers from the ground up. AWS is designed to protect mission-critical business applications, like Curve Dental, with fully redundant systems and availability zones.  Physical access to the AWS data centers is highly restricted and closely monitored 24/7 for the
highest level of security.

Learn more about AWS here.

Curve employs a multi-tiered disaster recovery and data redundancy plan to keep your data safe and makes it available to you 24/7 by simply logging in from any internet-connected computer, anywhere.


How Curve Manages Your Data

All data entered into Curve Dental from the browser is encrypted in transit using Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) over Transport Layer Security (TLS). Once your data reaches Curve servers, it is encrypted-at-rest. Curve data is continuously backed-up throughout the day and the back-ups are stored away from the origin of the data to ensure it is secure. The reliability of these backups are tested on a regular basis.

For additional protection of your data, Curve has built in features, such as audit logs and strong password requirements to ensure your staff chooses more complex passwords for signing into the application.


ISO Certified

Curve is ISO 9001 Certified which is the world's most recognized Quality Management System (QMS) standard. This is achieved by building a framework to ensure consistent quality in the provision of goods and/or services.

Also of note, AWS is an ISO 27001 certified Information Security Management System (ISMS), a leading international standard focused on information security, published by ISO in partnership with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

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Since moving to Curve Hero we’ve seen so much operational efficiency.We love the easy-to-use interface.

Dr. Nancy Diagamo
Houston, TX

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