ePrescribe Software

Send prescriptions digitally from Curve Hero to any pharmacy, from any device

Curve Dental has partnered with DrFirst to deliver cloud-based ePrescribe software conveniently integrated with Curve Hero.

The Curve Dental Difference



Save time with a pre-populated pharmacy database. Search by zip code or pharmacy name to easily find your patient’s preferred pharmacy.



Every recorded prescription for your patient — whether written by a physician or other healthcare provider — is clearly displayed.



Controlled substance prescriptions require a digital token that prevents tampering.

Curve Hero's Three Ways to Prescribe



  • ePrescribe - Fully integrated into Curve Hero so that you can write and send prescriptions electronically.

  • iPrescribe - All of the key functionality of ePrescribe available from your mobile device(s).

  • PDMP - Most states already mandate PDMP checking or have legislation pending. View this mandate map to learn your state’s regulatory requirements. If your state has implemented Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) registration for Controlled Substances (EPCS) or is planning to in the near future, this will keep you compliant and help you avoid any errors that could lead to penalties or potential lawsuits. 

Simple Yet Powerful Medication Management Sent Digitally



Curve delivers legend drug and controlled substance prescribing, robust medication history data, in-workflow prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) checking, and at-a-glance allergy alerts — all in a simple, user-friendly app.

  • View and approve one or multiple new and renewed prescriptions
  • View patient medication histories including PDMP data
  • Prescribe legend drugs and controlled substances
  • Check patient prescription benefits and costs
  • Ensure that patient medication history is kept up to date 
  • Reduce prescription clarification calls from the pharmacy

EPCS and PDMP Mandates: We’ll Help Keep You in Compliance 

The opioid epidemic has risen to the top of the list of critical public health crises facing this country. PDMPs were developed to prevent opioid abuse by facilitating early detection and prevention of abuse while assuring the availability of controlled substances for legitimate pain management purposes. 

Most states already mandate PDMP checking or have legislation pending - and it’s only a matter of time before all states will have to comply. But this does not have to be another arduous, time-consuming task. Our combined EPCS and PDMP solution streamlines your workflow and dramatically reduces the time it takes to check your patients’ prescription history, document your PDMP check, and complete your electronic prescription.  

Even if PDMP checking is not mandatory in your state (yet), you will likely agree that the more information you have access to, the better, as you do your part to address the opioid crisis.

If you are not sure of your state’s status, refer to this up to date map.

See ePrescribe and our dental software in action!