Send your prescriptions digitally to any pharmacy in the US

Curve Dental has partnered with DrFirst to deliver a cloud-based ePrescribe software conveniently integrated with Curve Dental.

The Curve Dental Difference



Save time with a pre-populated pharmacy database. Simply search by zip code or pharmacy name to easily find your patient’s preferred pharmacy.



You’ll see more than just your prescriptions in a patient’s Rx history. Every recorded prescription for your patient — whether written by a physician or other healthcare provider — is clearly displayed.



Controlled substance prescriptions require a digital token that prevents tampering.

Key Features

  • Check for drug interactions with ease. Whenever you write a prescription, our ePrescribe software will automatically verify that the prescribed drug is safe for your patient based on their known medical history and current medications.

  • Prescribe quickly and efficiently by creating a list of the most commonly dispensed prescriptions, and then use this list for quick selection. Write prescriptions in record time!

  • With a few clicks, you can send any prescription, including controlled substances, to any pharmacy. You’ll save time and your patients will enjoy the convenience of a quick and easy pickup at the pharmacy. Even if your patient’s preferred pharmacy does not accept prescriptions electronically, ePrescribe software will fax the prescription for you. That means less worry and hassle for you and your team.

See our dental software in action!

Curve in Action


  • Select a default pharmacy for your patient.