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Why Work at Curve Dental?

Ask any of our team why they love working at Curve Dental and they’ll give you their “ah” moment. If you really think about it, why wouldn’t they? We work in the dental industry after all.

They’ll tell you how much they enjoy being part of a team that takes on challenging, interesting, and fulfilling projects. That they feel valued and empowered.

Or, they might mention how satisfying it is to contribute to a company that builds the most innovative and intuitive cloud-based dental software in the industry.

And how great it is to work on a singular platform that their company will invest $60 million dollars into our SuperHero™ solution over the next three years to continue to raise the bar on the competition.

But they probably won’t tell you that over 80,000 dental professionals have made the switch from a server or paper-based system to Curve Hero®. They’ll leave that stat to Marketing and Sales.

Curve Dental Career Opportunities

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