Calling for the best and brightest!

We’re leading innovation in dental software!

Sadly, not everyone gets a chance to work with the Curve Dental team. But, a lucky few—the ones that have talent, the ones who can see beyond fossil fuels—have the chance to work in an evolved and people-focused culture.

Our main product, Curve Hero, is a fully-featured web application that helps dental professionals manage and build the killer practice. We are the market leader, that one guy everyone wants to be. If we’re thinking outside the box, our customers are pushing the envelope in dentistry, too.

Curve Dental is growing, and stretching, and exploring, and shining a flashlight in the corners to see what’s out there, which means we have interesting, challenging projects that are meaningful for the dental profession. In short, we’re doing cool stuff for dentists.

We’re doing cool stuff for our people, too. You’ll find our office environments clean and calm with access to drinks, snacks, weekly team lunches, and more!

Why Work in the Dental Profession?

Dentistry is a multi-billion dollar business. Some of the biggest names in business have a stake in the dental market. Generally speaking, the dental industry is recession-resistant. While other industries rise and fall with the markets, dentistry tends to have mild peaks and valleys. In dental, you’ll avoid the knee-jerk hiring and firing that comes with other industries.

Why Join Our Development Team?

We nearly always have an opportunity available to join our development team. Here’s why our current team rocks the best code in the profession:

  • Zen Time. Quiet work environment with minimal meetings. Developers spend all but a few hours each week writing code.
  • Me Time. Strong commitment to good work/life balance. Balanced engineers write better code.
  • Smart Colleagues. Technically excellent team staffed by very knowledgeable and passionate developers. You can learn from great developers who are also keen to learn from you.
  • Quality First. Commitment to building things the right way (i.e. project time dedicated to refactoring, strong unit testing culture, etc.).
  • Immediate Gratification. Continuous Delivery means that code changes can take hours or days to hit production (rather than weeks or months)
  • Testing. We have a QA department to make sure your code rocks as you intended it.
  • Quality First, Again. Code reviews (that are both productive and educational) are baked into the process we use to ship code.
  • Aerodynamic Processes. Solid product development process that is robust but doesn’t get in the way of iterative development centered around minimal viable products; our process is continuously being tweaked and improved to make sure we are doing the right things at the right times.
  • All Bases Covered. Full stack development from the database right through to the UI. Developers touch all parts of the codebase.
  • Remote Flexibility. We do most of our work at the office (where the best collaboration happens), but we are able to work remotely, too, which makes life easier at times.
  • Food and Beverage. We bring in lunch once a week; we keep a cooler stocked with your favorite beverages.

Best wishes!

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