Customer Support and Training

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Looking for Help?

Call 888.910.4376 option 1. We’re available 24/7.

Send an email message to


You can also create a ticket within our software, then we’ll contact you with the answer you’re looking for. Or, you can access our infobase, found in Curve Community which you access from within our software. Don’t forget to monitor our Status Page. Please note: The chat and contact forms on this page are not intended for you to request customer assistance. Using the aforementioned options will result in faster assistance.


Our Customers are our Top Priority

We know you are busy with patients and don't have time to wait to speak with a live person or stay on hold to get your issue resolved. That's why we answer your call in under 1 minute and resolve your issues to get you back to work in under 10 minutes during normal business hours.

Extensive Online Tools

All of our customers can access a library of information, from documentation to videos. And all of it is searchable by keyword, so it’s super easy to find what you’re looking for.

The Convenience of Integrated Messaging

You can submit questions directly to our technicians through our software, which is faster than creating an email. Sometimes sending a message this way is more convenient. So you can zap us a question and we’ll get back to you in a jiffy.

Complimentary Training

Every now and again we schedule a series of informative webinars for all of our customers at no extra charge. We pick a topic that will be of obvious value to our customers and we tell all.

24/7 Emergency Service

If you’re in emergency mode and it’s after hours, you can leave a message and our on-call technician will call you back. We have a technician on call 24/7, every day of the year. Only for emergencies, mind you!

Weekend Support

As a convenience, many of our customers stay open on the weekends to help their patients. We do, too! You can call us on a Saturday morning if you need help. Does your current software company do that?

Full Transparency

Whenever or however you contact us for assistance, we create a trackable ticket. You can view all the tickets for your practice at any time making it easy to see which members of your team are calling for assistance and the status of each.