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For Dr. Mitch Zientz, finding a cloud-based dental software that integrates with a Mac and scales for multi-locations was very challenging. Until he discovered Curve SuperHero™. Problem solved.

Dr. Zientz loves how a Mac produces a better-quality image from the Quick Ray Sensor. But finding a cloud-based dental software that not only integrates with a Mac but is scalable for his multi-location practice was a challenge. Then he discovered Curve SuperHero.


Dr. Mitch Zientz is your classic entrepreneur who happens to love practicing dentistry. “Dentistry is the perfect career for me,” he says. “It is a mix of science and art, problem solving, and human interaction. I get to use my brain to problem solve and develop treatment plans, while also working with my hands to help patients.” Dr. Zientz’s practice is on a fast track, starting with his first office in 2016 and growing to four locations in 2022. A Mac enthusiast, he ran his first office on Mac Practice but hit a major roadblock when he bought his second location. Sharing data between the offices was a nightmare for him and his staff, whether it involved x-rays, reporting, or insurance. He decided that the cloud was the future and after completing demos with several vendors, he chose Curve SuperHero in 2020. He soon learned that Curve was more than a vendor, but instead a true partner that helped him use his beloved Mac Operating System in all his locations.


Icon-2-1Business Challenges

  • Scale his practice on the Mac Operating System as cost-effectively as possible.
  • Integrate his sensors with his dental software.
  • Quickly train staff at practices he purchased of software they had never used.
  • Eliminate external IT costs.


  • Chose Curve Dental as his software partner to help him scale his business.
  • Used Curve Capture as a bridge to his
    QuickRay Sensors.
  • Worked closely with support to address challenges when transitioning his sensors to the platform. Through the entire transition process, 
  • Had his teams at multiple offices up and running quickly because Curve made staff training and onboarding easy.


  • According to Dr. Zientz, data migration was overwhelmingly positive.
  • Curve SuperHero was not only easy for his staff to learn, but they upped their game with billing and insurance.
  • Thanks to Curve Capture, Dr. Zientz was able to use his existing sensors, saving over $30,000.
  • Despite being told by other vendors that he couldn’t scale his practice using a Mac Operating system, he has been able to expand quickly using Curve SuperHero.
  • Dr. Zientz saves more than $5,000 a year on external IT costs because he can easily manage the Mac system himself.

Support with Curve Dental is a Differentiator

Dr. Zientz knew that in order to scale, he needed to switch to the cloud. At the same time, he wanted to continue using Macs. While representatives from other software companies said he couldn’t scale with Macs, Curve committed themselves to making it happen. That meant constant communication with the support team whose responsiveness astounded him compared to what he had experienced with his previous software company. Curve ensured as smooth a data conversion as possible, and the training team helped get his staff in all his locations up to speed quickly, whether it was with his existing offices or those which he had purchased.

quote-1 I can do anything I need on Curve. That wouldn't be possible with any other provider. quote-2
Dr. Zientz Has a Committed Partner in Curve

Dr. Zientz has a very clear vision for his practice. By 2024, he wants to grow to between 7-10 locations. Currently, he splits his time between CEO and practicing dentist, but his vision is to eventually transition to a non-clinical role. He wants consistent processes across all offices and understands that each time he purchases an existing practice he’ll need to convert them to Curve SuperHero.

He is confident that Curve will scale and partner with him to reach his aggressive goals.

Curve Helps Dr. Zientz Achieve
Work/Life Balance

As far as Dr. Zientz is concerned, there’s no more powerful motivator than having children and providing for his family. For the father of two boys, ages 3 and 5, work/life balance is a forever moving target, but he is
determined to make it work.

quote-1  Curve went to great lengths to make me happy. quote-2

Thanks to Curve, Dr. Zientz spends far less time troubleshooting his software and dealing with the day-to-day hassles that other dentists face. The ability to pull reports across locations, work from home when necessary, and have the peace of mind that Curve can help him scale his Mac-driven offices, helps contribute to his ability to balance an aggressively growing business with his active family.



To see how Curve SuperHero can benefit your practice, call 888-910-4376 or visit www.curvedental.com