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For Dr. Hans Herchen, the key to the success of his multi-location practice is delivering amazing customer service and extraordinary staff satisfaction. Curve’s modern and user-friendly enterprise platform enables his team to provide a superior patient experience across all 22 Dental Choice offices.

Because of his partnership with Curve, dental software is no longer a basic tool, but instead, an integral part of his entire enterprise.

After graduating from dental school and gaining experience working at a practice, Dr. Herchen bought his own office with two operatories and ran it on a very strict budget. In those pre-internet days, Canadian practices were prohibited from advertising. Despite that obstacle, his practice quickly grew due to his commitment to delivering amazing customer service. His model defines customer service on the patient’s terms. Dental Choice categorizes patients into four categories: cost, time, appearance, or discomfort. In his words, “Their concern is our concern.”

After ten years using the same dental software for his enterprise, Dr. Herchen recognized that it was not intuitive, had a complicated infrastructure, and was no longer being improved. In addition, it was imperative that his practice’s software allow for that level of customization to make notes about each  patient, about their families, and manage the patient holistically rather than just on raw clinical notes and create short-term and long term treatment plans specific to their needs.

Dr. Herchen evaluated seven software platforms, narrowed the list to two, and chose Curve. The biggest differentiator was that Curve is a cloud-based enterprise platform while the other requires an on-site server which makes infrastructure management and updates significantly more difficult. He found SuperHero™ to be the ideal system to help him continue to deliver that extraordinary level of customer service and staff satisfaction across every Dental Choice location.


Icon-2-1Business Challenges

  • Scale Dental Choice and deliver the same level of customer care across all locations.
  • Easily train new staff members on software.
  • Reduce complexity of infrastructure management.
  • Simplify portability of data and reporting across all offices.


  • Chose Curve SuperHero after evaluating seven vendors because it was an all-in-one cloud-based enterprise platform that was easy to implement and use.
  • Staff adopted SuperHero quickly without losing productivity during the transition.
  • Curve’s cloud-based software solved the data portability challenge.
  • Curve’s software is used at all 22 locations, helping to ensure a consistent experience for all providers and staff.


  • Enhances both the patient and staff experience.
  • Seamless universal software updates ensure each office has the latest version without disrupting workflow.
  • Simplifies staff training and software adoption significantly by making the transition to a new enterprise system smooth and painless.
  • Fills providers’ schedules with routine visits or emergencies in real-time to drive revenue and patient satisfaction.
  • Eliminates add-on software costs because SuperHero is an all-in-one platform.
  • Makes it easy to review schedules, x-rays, and check charts in all 22 locations.
  • Curve SuperHero is an asset when recruiting new staff members because they love the software.

SuperHero is a True Asset to
Dental Choice

According to Dr. Herchen, “In a complex world running 22 locations, Curve SuperHero has been a seamless, pleasing, and positive asset that only requires minimal attention.” For Dr. Herchen and his senior management team, Curve runs so smoothly that they don’t even have to think about it, enabling them to focus on patient care and Dental Choice’s growth. He wants his team to be talking about patient care and optimizing the day rather than about infrastructure. The ideal enterprise management system is one that he barely notices except for long-term planning. Curve definitely fits the bill.

quote-1  The partnership with Curve is more than I ever envisioned. quote-2


quote-1  As digital dentistry becomes more involved, this whole world of digital dentistry needs a convenient, user friendly platform like Curve SuperHero. quote-2
SuperHero Makes Running a Multi-Location Practice Significantly More Efficient

Curve has allowed his practice to incrementally eliminate point solution software without missing a beat because SuperHero is so easy to learn and use. His teams spend minimal time on training, boosting productivity without impacting staff morale, allowing him to scale while maintaining the integrity of his business model.



To see how Curve SuperHero can benefit your practice, call 888-910-4376 or visit www.curvedental.com

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