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When Dr. Heather Frodge Founded Town Dentistry in 2012, Curve SuperHero™ Was Her Practice Management Software of Choice.

Little did she know that 10 years later, she’d open two additional offices. Curve SuperHero provides her with the features she wants and the customer support she needs to serve her patients and her team in the way she first envisioned when pursuing a career in dentistry.

When Dr. Heather Frodge considered her career options, she sought a path that would enable her to help other people. In addition, she loved working with her hands and doing detailed work. Dentistry was a natural fit. “I have a servant’s heart and spirit,” she says. “I wanted to create a safe place for patients and staff.” Before she opened her first office, Dr. Frodge evaluated several practice management solutions and chose Curve SuperHero, based on the depth of features, cloud-based platform, and Curve Dental’s commitment to customer care. Fast forward to 2022, and Town Dentistry has expanded to three offices with Curve alongside her every step of the way. SuperHero made it easy to convert data, transition team members onto the platform, and provide her with the business insights she needs to successfully manage three locations.


Icon-2-1Business Challenges

  • In 2015, Dr. Frodge added a second location and needed to bring in a second associate to keep up.
  • In 2022, she opened a pediatric practice as her third office. The office was on a server-based platform that needed to transition to Curve.
  • It was imperative to Dr. Frodge that all three offices had a similar culture and the same systems in place.
  • Married to another dental professional and the mother of a five-year-old son, Dr. Frodge needed the flexibility to work remotely as needed, pull reports across all locations, and make business decisions that could help her meet her KPIs.


Now that she is managing three locations, Dr. Frodge relies on Curve SuperHero more than ever:

  • Remote access enables her to work from home as needed to address patient emergencies, and collaborate on a treatment plan without being in the office.
  • In her CEO role running three offices, she easily customizes reports that help her refine and measure her KPIs.
  • A single system streamlines scheduling and eliminates the need to pay for an extra person to answer phones at each location.
  • A beautiful charting feature that makes it easy for her staff to use and for her patients to see the treatment they need.


  • Training staff at the third location was a breeze compared to other platforms. Once her staff was trained, they weren’t continually asking questions because the software was so user-friendly.
  • Patients have an outstanding experience because all of their paperwork is integrated into Curve SuperHero before they enter the office, or they can use a tablet to complete their check-in process.
  • Remote access enables Dr. Frodge to retain a valued employee who moved to another state but can continue to handle all insurance verification, billing and troubleshoot any issues. She also expanded her talent pool by hiring a second out-of-state full-time billing professional.
  • Using Curve SuperHero across all three offices allows Town Dentistry to rotate team members across all three offices enabling each location to execute the same core values—treat your patients and peers with empathy and kindness.
  • Curve GRO™ patient engagement enables her team to reduce no-shows, cancellations, and callbacks, and save time scheduling appointments.

Curve Dental Has Been Town Dentistry’s Partner from the Start

When Dr. Frodge opened her doors for the first time in 2012, Curve was right there with her. Ten years later, Town Dentistry has grown to three locations featuring five providers and 35 staff members. Each time she opened a new office, Dr. Frodge reduced her overhead by adding providers to Curve SuperHero, rather than expensive servers. She has relied on Curve to help her make critical business decisions like choosing insurance plans to eliminate in order to see more new patients and increase capacity. The reports told her which patients would be affected by the change and the impact on revenue, critical to the growth of her business.

quote-1  Curve’s intuitive charting makes it easy to train new team members. quote-2
Curve Dramatically Improves Treatment Acceptance

Curve’s treatment planning offers many advantages. Patients can easily understand the diagrams and see exactly what the doctor recommends so they can make an informed decision. This clarity significantly improves treatment plan acceptance. In addition, providers can change the treatment plan while in the operatory and the front office knows right away since all information is updated in SuperHero in real-time. When the patient checks out, the treatment plan is already in the system.

quote-1  When I make suggestions to help run my practice more smoothly, Curve welcomes my ideas. quote-2

Curve SuperHero empowers Dr. Frodge to deliver a modern experience to her patients. They complete paperwork in advance from their device of choice, have a touchless check-in and check-out process, and communicate with the practice in the way they prefer. SuperHero makes it easy for them to self-schedule conveniently, yet the practice remains in complete control of the calendar to manage the entire process.

quote-1  I’m still working on work/life balance, but Curve makes things a whole lot easier. quote-2

Running three offices and parenting a five-year-old makes work/life balance an ongoing challenge. However, thanks to Curve SuperHero’s remote access, intuitive software, and superior customer support, Dr. Frodge can make everything work. Curve SuperHero simplifies daily tasks, enables remote access when needed, and in keeping with Dr. Frodge’s vision, helps all three locations maintain a similar culture and practice personality for her patients and her staff.


To see how Curve SuperHero can benefit your practice, call 888-910-4376 or visit www.curvedental.com

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