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Dr. Lisa Bosch loves small town living and the opportunity to serve people who embrace her and her team. Her community leans on and takes care of each other. They are so grateful that they don’t have to drive hours to see a dentist which makes Dr. Bosch’s hard work that much more gratifying. In order to deliver the high standard of care her patients rely on, she needed a software partner that she could rely on to provide the best features and customer support in the industry. That’s why she chose Curve SuperHero™.


Dr. Lisa Bosch is the product of a hard-working mom who taught her those same virtues. You could say she’s a natural born dentist. At a young age she decided teeth were cool and learned how important they are to a person’s overall health. After college Dr. Bosch worked as a hygienist for seven years. She then went to dental school with the intention of one day buying a practice in a small town because she liked the idea of living in a rural community away from the hustle and bustle of the city and its sprawling suburbs. Little did she know how quickly she’d fall in love with the people or how much of an impact Curve SuperHero would have on serving her patients.


Icon-2-1Business Challenges

  • Staffing issues caused by COVID-19. 
  • As the single provider, Dr. Bosch must move from operatory to operatory at a fast pace and staff needs to keep up.
  • 2-3 ER visits a day to diagnose and treat.
  • Due to distance patients travel, Dr. Bosch tries to complete diagnosis and treatment on the same day as much as possible.


  • SuperHero’s intuitive interface and Curve Community’s deep array of training information enables new staff members to get up to speed quickly.
  • When Dr. Bosch makes a diagnosis, her team already has the treatment plan created which means she can do same day treatment.
  • Curve’s treatment planning makes it easy for patients to understand their options which increases Dr. Bosch’s acceptance rate.
  • Because SuperHero is web-based, Dr. Bosch can take emergency calls and access charts from anywhere.
  • Dr. Bosch uses teledentistry to triage out-of-town cases when the local provider is unavailable.


  • Curve SuperHero’s ease of use benefits every team member.
  • Curve software is upgraded immediately and notifies her team of the changes. Prior to Curve, Dr. Bosch used Eaglesoft which provided updates every two years resulting in huge and often disruptive changes, making it feel like completely different software.
  • Curve’s efficiency enables Dr. Bosch to maximize chair time.
  • Treatment planning is lightning fast. Other software she used in the past couldn’t input existing or new information into the computer, which made it hard for her dental assistants to keep up. But with Curve,  information can be input quickly into the software, resulting in real-time treatment plans.
  • Curve GRO™ patient engagement has made texting a breeze, enabling Dr. Bosch to communicate the way her patients prefer.
  • GRO’s Google review feature has increased her reviews from 9 to 140 in less than three months.

Curve SuperHero Helps Dr. Bosch Better Serve Her Patients

Because Dr. Bosch serves a small community with patients spread out over a large geographical area, it is important that she performs as many same day procedures as possible. As the only provider in the practice, Dr. Bosch moves at a very fast pace which means her staff needs to be in lockstep, including having treatment plans available in real-time to keep up with her diagnosis. Curve SuperHero gives her team everything they need to work fast and efficiently to provide the best outcomes for their patients.


quote-1 Curve SuperHero enables my staff  to work incredibly efficiently,  freeing them up to make our patients feel welcomed and valued.quote-2

SuperHero requires fewer keystrokes, inputs data directly into the software, and creates treatment plans that are easy to explain and understand. Dr. Bosch loves living and practicing in a small town and is confident that Curve’s software will continue to evolve along with her practice for years to come.

quote-1 Curve’s Sidekick feature is awesome because it enables me to quickly check notes so I can easily review x-rays and immediately create a treatment plan.quote-2


To see how Curve SuperHero can benefit your practice, call 888-910-4376 or visit www.curvedental.com

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