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When Dr. Ann DeFeo Opened Her Own Practice, She Knew Curve SuperHero™ Was the Way to Go – Here’s How the Curve Cloud Improves Pediatric Care

For a busy pediatrics practice, Curve SuperHero™ has the smart features and cost savings needed to make high-volume days less stressful and more effective.


Many children (and adults) fear the dentist. That’s why pediatric dentist Dr. Ann DeFeo strives to set up her youngest patients for a lifetime of positive attitudes about visiting the dentist for care. “I’m fortunate to have found a career I love,” she says. “Being a pediatrics dentist is one of the most rewarding specialties in dentistry.”

Dr. DeFeo wanted to be a business owner and to go about opening her solo practice in a smart way. After nearly two decades of experience working in other dentist offices with server-based solutions, she knew that she wanted her practice to be in the cloud.

With her focus on her patients and her own family, Dr. DeFeo found the right solution in Curve SuperHero to give her flexibility to access patient records anywhere, robust training for her staff, cost savings, and an easy to use platform so that she can focus on what matters most — delivering great patient care.


Icon-2-1Business Challenges

  • In 2019, Dr. DeFeo was starting her own practice and needed to choose a practice management solution that would set her up for success.
  • She’d used server-based solutions like Dentrix and Eaglesoft, but wanted to switch to the cloud for its flexibility, convenience and cost savings.
  • With new practice costs mounting, she was budget conscious and needed to avoid the large upfront costs of buying and installing an on-site server.
  • As a pediatric dentist, she wanted her patients’ busy parents to have a streamlined experience.
  • In the high-volume world of pediatrics, easy-to-use software is a must to keep productivity high.


Dr. DeFeo knew she wanted a cloud-based solution, and after evaluating her options, she chose Curve SuperHero. Benefits to her practice include:

  • The ability to remotely use the software just as she would from the office with no VPN needed.
  • A beautiful, intuitive interface with drag-and-drop functionality that makes charting 200-300% faster.
  • Fast, easy scheduling and patient forms that make a high-volume pediatrics practice more efficient.
  • Onboarding training and how-to resources inside the Curve Community, a hub for Curve users to learn new
    tips and tricks.
  • 24/7/365 customer service that’s only a phone call away.
  • IT support, backups, and cybersecurity included in the software – no IT hassles or emergencies!


  • Dr. DeFeo saved $20,000 in upfront server costs and continues to save $500/month in IT costs.
  • Dr. DeFeo and her staff can use Curve from anywhere, allowing her to quickly access patient records and advise parents.
  • Dr. DeFeo’s staff learns how to use Curve quickly due to its user-friendly interface. One employee with no previous dentistry experience was making an immediate impact on the practice thanks to Curve’s training and support.
  • Curve’s robust reporting and analytics help her measure her young practice’s growth and track patients to make
    sure they aren’t missing critical appointments.
  • The practice is growing every month, and they plan to add more chairs and additional staff in the near future.

The Curve Cloud for Pediatric
Specialists of Needham

The Right Start for a New Practice

When Dr. DeFeo started her own practice in 2019, she had the benefit of years of experience at other practices on her side. She’d seen the pitfalls of using a server-based solution for practice management – the upfront costs associated with buying and installing a server; ongoing IT consultant charges; a crashing server that would halt work for hours; being tied to the office to get work done; and data security risks.

After careful evaluation, Dr. DeFeo chose Curve SuperHero as her practice management software. With startup costs for her new office mounting – including equipment, decor, and supplies – she was budget-conscious. SuperHero made sense to her financially because it includes practice management, patient engagement, imaging, cybersecurity, data backups, support and more in one affordable monthly cost. And the best part? No on-premise server needed.

Only a short time after the practice opened, the Curve cloud was put to the test when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Dr. DeFeo and her staff were able to use the platform from home just as they would in the office and communicate with patients in real-time to disseminate important information.

quote-1 We've been happy with the price point of Curve. With all the extra features they offer, I think it’s been saving us quite
a bit of money. quote-2
Clever Curve Features for Pediatrics

Pediatrics offers unique challenges, but Curve SuperHero is up to the task. Pediatric dental appointments are typically shorter than adult appointments, meaning pediatric specialists see more patients in a day. Dr. DeFeo says Curve’s streamlined scheduling, claims and billing processes keep the front desk running smoothly in her high-volume practice.

Children, especially toddlers, are prone to dental emergencies, and they don’t wait until business hours to take a tumble. Thanks to Curve SuperHero, Dr. DeFeo is able to communicate with patients in emergency situations, make changes to the schedule or view patient records from wherever she is. She also appreciates being able to pull reports or perform other tasks from home in the evenings when she’d rather be with her family than stuck in the office.

quote-1  We don' t have to worry about servers. We don’t have to worry about backing up or the server crashing and dealing with
an IT emergency.  quote-2

Her patients’ parents appreciate a streamlined and modern approach to working with their children’s dental provider. Dr. DeFeo says parents like using SuperHero’s smart forms and feel that their data is secure. With SuperHero, the practice can offer parents self-scheduling so they can make appointments when it works for their busy schedules, but the practice remains in control of the master calendar. For parents with multiple children, message bundling streamlines the communication process.

Treating patients from infancy through high school is an aspect of pediatrics that Dr. DeFeo loves, and it’s important that her software incorporates smart growth development features. Curve has projected development built-in to charting and “guesses” which teeth patients have without extra setup from staff. Regular checkups are vital to children’s oral health, and Curve’s reporting lets Dr. DeFeo easily keep track of who is missing critical appointments.

quote-1 Curve has been really easy. My team and I have picked up very quickly. quote-2
Future Growth

As the owner of a relatively young practice, Dr. DeFeo understands the importance of keeping tabs on the growth of her business. With easy-to-use reporting and analytics, she can track financials and revenue opportunities.

Dr. DeFeo relies on referrals, word-of-mouth and social media for marketing her practice, and Curve lets her see how these strategies are paying off. And her efforts do seem to be working – Dr. DeFeo’s practice experiences monthly growth and plans to expand chairs and staff in the near future.


To see how Curve SuperHero can benefit your practice, call 888-910-4376 or visit www.curvedental.com

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