Support Overview

Customer Service and Training

We’re available 24/7. Send an email to You can also create a ticket within our software, and then we’ll contact you with the answer you’re looking for. Or, you can access our infobase, found in Curve Community, which you access from within our software. Learn more.

Mac Compatible Software

If you’re an Apple lover, Curve Dental is a wonderful solution. Curve Dental delivers dental software for Macs with simplicity, usability and superior functionality — just like Macs themselves. What’s more, there is nothing to install. All you need is a URL, and your iMac, MacBook, or MacBook Pro turns into a dental software powerhouse. Learn more.

Hardware Requirements

Curve Dental works in Google Chrome on either a Mac or a PC. Little, if anything, is loaded on your hard drive, so it doesn’t really matter how big your hard drive is. It doesn’t require a local server. You don’t have to worry about recommended backup systems because we take care of all the backups anytime you make a change to your practice’s data — whether you’re updating a phone number or scheduling an appointment. Learn more.

Curve Dental System Status

Easily access and review uptime performance in the last 90 days. Learn more.

Remote Support

Fill out a simple, two-field form to start your support session. See for yourself.