Every HERO has a Side-kick™ Check it out! So does yours.

Curve Hero’s clear dental charting helps patients see themselves in the story of their procedure, and why the next treatment and timing is a necessary path to wellness. It also helps parents understand and make decisions about further treatment for their children.

With Curve Dental’s Hero Sidekick, manage appointments with ease, anywhere at any time. Our one-click access to scheduling and patient data means you spend more time with patients and less on administrative tasks.

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Key Scheduling Features

Centralize patient data

With an easy to use, always visible navigation column, access patient data no matter where you are in the system

Create a master schedule

Fully customizable, you can use simple icons and color-coded layouts to display your daily schedules perfectly

Improve patient satisfaction

Patients enjoy faster check-ins, reduced on-hold times, and easier appointment scheduling

Powerful scheduling tools

  • Change any appointment or group of appointments with simple drag-and-drop functionality
  • Quickly block out dates/times based on your needs and availability
  • Create custom views for any operatory or provider
  • Move forward or backward in any range of dates with just one click
  • Access all scheduling information from any internet-connected device


Quote Me

My experience with Curve has been excellent, with amazing features, easy treatment planning and amazing customer support. I am proud to be a Curve user.

Dr. Weston Spencer Weston Spencer, D.D.S.

Curve Hero takes care of everything, the software and features are fantastic and I save so much time.

Jill Miller Stonecastle Dentistry

Curve Hero is a superb software that has helped improve every aspect of my practice. Curve has everything needed to run a efficent office and has helped me take control of my business.

Dr. Jason Streeter Streeter Dental

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