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Take the "wait" out of waiting room by giving patients a safe, low-touch /
no-touch alternative.

The low-touch/no-touch features of Curve’s Patient Portal are an integral part of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for your staff.

In a HIPAA-safe environment, patients can complete online, integrated Smart Forms before their appointment and keep track of all billing statements and payments ...  all from the convenience of their home.

It’s a Win/Win/Win!


Key Patient Portal Benefits

Educate patients with top treatment videos

Educational videos that explain specific treatments and procedures.

Save time with online form completion uploaded directly into Curve SuperHero™

  • Patients complete forms online from anywhere via computers (PC or Mac), smartphones, or tablets, which means less time in the waiting room.
  • Patient-entered data is transferred into Curve Hero® in real-time.
  • Signed forms automatically upload into Curve and auto-populate data into future forms*.
  • Eliminate the time & effort for your staff to enter data (reduce input errors).

Enhance patient convenience with appointment summary

  • Displays upcoming individual patient and family member appointments including date, time, provider, and description for the visit.
  • An easy-to-find list of appointments for other family members provides added convenience.

Increase revenue with flexible payment options

  • Reduce past due accounts, accelerate cash flow, and decrease operating expenses.
  • Clearly inform patients and increase the likelihood of full payment.
  • Optional ePayment feature enables patients to make payments from any internet-connected device.


*Not all responses to questions on forms auto-populate

Expedite payments with clear and complete statements

  • Generate comprehensive and easy-to-understand statements with clear, concise details.
  • Provide patients with an easy-to-find balance to review and submit payment.




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