Dental Charting Software

Streamline your workflows with smart charting

Maintaining patient relationships requires a trusted charting system to effectively present treatment plans. With Curve Hero, our streamlined system removes the charting complexities, creating a clean user interface that brings clarity to you and your patient’s treatment options.

The Curve Dental Difference



Streamline workflows and integrate imaging to allow for efficient dental treatment planning.



One-click access to images and patient history gives you a complete understanding of your patients’ needs.



A clean, modern user interface and realistic tooth modeling makes explaining treatment plans to patients easier, leading to higher acceptance rates.

Key Features



Clean, intuitive user interface: Color coded treatment planning along with streamlined processes make it simple to train new hires and current staff on the Curve Hero platform with minimal training.

Faster charting: Charting a procedure is a simple two-step process: Select the tooth, then the procedure, and you’re done. Our charts are designed so restorations can be represented right on the tooth, allowing you to chart a multiple-surface restoration, including a MOD, in seconds.

Simple treatment planning: Easily create multiple treatment plans, arrange them in the order you prefer and illustrate treatment options to patients.

Access patient history with ease: Charting history is stored simply and logically, sorted by procedure code, provider, date and clinic.

Curve Hero in Action


  • The Charting module enables you to input, edit, and view dental procedures.

Hear it from our customers

“The charting and perio charting modules are excellent.” 

Angie, Glisten Dental