Explain treatment options clearly. Increase treatment acceptance. Ease parent/child apprehensions.

Curve Hero’s clear dental charting helps patients see themselves in the story of their procedure, and why the next treatment and timing is a necessary path to wellness. It also helps parents understand and make decisions about further treatment for their children.

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Key Charting Features

Intuitive user interface

  • Color-coded treatment planning
  • Streamlined processes that follow a natural workflow
  • Minimal training needed for new hires or current staff

Simple treatment planning

  • Easily create multiple treatment plans
  • Arrange plans in your preferred order
  • Professionally illustrate each option for patients

Fast, two-step charting process

  • Select the tooth, then the procedure, and you’re done
  • Charts designed for restorations to be painted right on the tooth so you can chart a multiple-surface restoration, including a MOD, in seconds

Easy access to patient history

  • Charting history is stored simply and logically
  • Everything is sorted by procedure code, provider, date, and clinic


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One of the best features of Curve is the ability to access it from anywhere. We have two offices in small towns in Nebraska and can access ALL of our patients records from either office which is a huge benefit!

Mary Tusha Bloomfield Dental Clinic

We switched to Curve Hero years ago and love it! The Smart forms allow patients to pre-register before setting foot in the office. Curve gives us the versatility we need from a cloud based software.

Phyllis Speirs Dr. Mark A. Plant, DDS PA

Curve Hero is a superb software that has helped improve every aspect of my practice. Curve has everything needed to run a efficent office and has helped me take control of my business.

Dr. Jason Streeter Streeter Dental

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