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    One of our founding charters is customer satisfaction. We’re humbled by the outpouring and praise.

    You know how important positive reviews are to your practice.
    We feel the same way about our business.

    Curve Hero is intuitive, beautiful, and fast. The software has improved nearly every aspect of managing my dental office. The scheduler, patient chart, billing, and other modules are streamlined and easy to use. The Sidekick keeps all patient data very organized and quickly accessible. However, the biggest improvement that Curve Hero has brought to my office is the ability to stay more organized and efficient. Curve Hero has an excellent patient recare system and the ability to create a huge variety of custom reports. We can very quickly set up and run custom reports for unfiled insurance claims, unscheduled treatment, pending lab cases, patients that weren't checked out properly, or anything else that needs to be monitored regularly for the health of the practice. These reports and the business insights have given me a lot more control over my business.

    Dr. Jason Streeter

    Streeter Dental

    Curve is the best of the cloud. Curve took us through conversion from our previous provider, training of the staff and the practice manager, and has also been there through our inexperienced moments. The software improves over time for the better and it was great to begin with. Curve Hero has been a great decision. I couldn't be happier.

    Edward Scammon

    Hometown Family Dental Centers

    Curve allows me to view/access charts with images from any computer. It's fast and easy to learn. I prefer the cloud-based model over the traditional server.

    Aaron Diehl

    Pure Design Dentistry

    As a dental assistant, I find Curve very easy to use, and my patients enjoy looking at their charts. The customer support is wonderful and very helpful. I would not hesitate to encourage any dental office to use Curve.


    Timothy Elloway, DDS

    Highly recommend for any dental practice looking to streamline and save lots of time and money doing it! The software and cloud computing format are second to none.

    Mark Colonna

    The Montana Center for Laser Dentistry

    Curve has it all! Cost savings, no server to upkeep, ease of charting and organization of templates for images. And let’s not forget about the accounting breakdown of invoices and patient portal. My favorite is the ability to send new patient paperwork. It’s fantastic and saves so much time.

    Jill Miller

    Stonecastle Dentistry

    We love the versatility that this cloud-based software has given us. It truly is mobile! We also appreciate the progressiveness of the company. They are constantly trying to improve this wonderful product. Most recently, we have started to use "Forms" to allow our patients to pre-register before their appointments. We switched to Curve Hero several years ago and have been glad we did!

    Phyllis Speirs

    Dr. Mark A. Plant, DDS PA

    Originally purchased Curve to avoid needing a server in my office. Overall experience has been excellent. Very proud to be a Curve user. Best functions include custom forms and easy treatment planning. Plus, customer support is AMAZING.

    Dr. Weston Spencer

    Weston Spencer, DDS

    Curve’s Customer Support is OUTSTANDING. You can call or submit a ticket and the tickets are responded to quickly! It’s really helpful having a web-based dental software that allows you to do notes while at home!

    Donna Williams

    James R. Bragg Jr., DDS

    Curve can be viewed online so you can see patient information right at home (where you need to see it during emergency patient calls) or to make sure you can see schedule changes as they occur. This program is easy to use and reasonably priced.

    Shannon Davis

    Westside Endodontics

    Curve is very easy to use and very user-friendly. Navigating through the program is manageable for even the least computer-savvy person. When we train a new staff member, I never worry about teaching them the program because it is so easy to teach.

    Jeanne Duran

    Sonshine Family Dental

    So far Curve has proven itself to be user-friendly and easy to learn which is great for a new office trying to establish processes and protocols. Customer support has been very helpful!

    Jemma Jackson

    Powers Family Dentistry

    Very intuitive and user-friendly software. An excellent product, especially for a general practice. Quick and easy to learn and get started. Clear and organized.

    Michelle Dick

    Peak Prosthodontics

    One of the best features of Curve is the ability to access it from anywhere. We have two offices in small towns in Nebraska and can access ALL of our patient records from either office which is a huge benefit! We can also access all of this from any location (with internet) so that when the office is closed, we still have access to data. Curve has been one of the best moves we have made in our practice!

    Mary Tusha

    Bloomfield Dental Clinic

    After four and a half years with Curve Dental we are absolutely stunned by the ever-increasing functionality, customer service and transparent communication we have experienced. It really is the best decision we ever made.

    Bob Inman

    Gwen Jorden DDS

    Very user-friendly, up to date with current patient/user expectations. Any time I have been unfamiliar with doing a task, using the community function to review tutorials has saved me a lot of time, and I have been able to move ahead with the task without having to call support. Very easy to learn!!!

    Debbie Vandeventer

    Laura L. Chase DDS,PS

    The ability to access the software from anywhere with a desktop and web-connection was a huge factor. I can bring my laptop home and work there or still run front desk operations while working remotely at an oral surgeon’s office. We love the ability to access the software from multiple locations, and the customer support is outstanding. There are constant improvements happening that make Curve better each day.

    Ashley Griffith

    Berks Prosthodontics

    Being able to access and run our dental software with just an internet connection is a huge advantage especially for those patient phone calls on weekends. The layout is clean, appealing, and easy to use for both employees and patients.

    Sonya Shearman

    Aaron M. Shearman, DDS, PLLC

    I don't need to worry about multiple backups of my server. Curve keeps it in the cloud. I can check my schedule at home without going to my office in a snowstorm. That's safety for myself and my staff.

    Dr. Paul Yeung

    Paul Yeung, DDS

    Curve Hero allows for me as a practice owner to not worry about HIPAA violations, data loss, or server crashes. Instead, I can handle all of my practice functions in the front office and back office efficiently and concentrate on taking care of patients.

    Brandon Bennett

    Eldon Family Dentistry

    The software was easy to learn, stored off site, and visually stunning! Imagine, no more back up, memory storage issues and not having to deal with PCs!!! The support is great and they are always updating and making the software applicable to the changes in dentistry! No software is perfect, but Curve Hero is the best I have found BY FAR!

    Dr. David Albertson

    David Albertson DDS

    There are so many things we love about Curve you don't get with other software products.  It's accessible from anywhere; and as someone with multiple practices, being able to see them on one database is extremely valuable to us.  Curve's customer service is top-notch and can be reached anytime if our team members need help (and this is not an additional charge like other software companies).  We all know what the investment in new hires means and with the Curve Community providing step by step "how to's" and the readily available webinars, Curve is able to train new hires on the software for us!  We are able to submit suggestions and they are listened to and implemented.  Whether you are a single practice or have multiple locations, I highly recommend Curve Hero.  We converted to Curve 5 years ago and couldn't be happier with the decision!

    Ashley Smith

    Orchard Dental

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    Since moving to Curve Hero we’ve seen so much operational efficiency.We love the easy-to-use interface.

    Dr. Nancy Diagamo
    Houston, TX

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