Curve Dental Overview

Get to Know Us Better with These Home Videos!

We’ve done you a favor, really, by putting all of these videos on one page. How so? Well, after you’ve watched all six you’ll have a pretty good idea of how our dental software¬†can help you build and manage the killer practice.

Don’t fret about time! You can watch all six videos in less than nine minutes. And we’ve made them fun and entertaining.

After you’ve watch the videos you’ll want to see our dental software in action. Be sure to call us at 888-910-4376 to arrange for an informative demonstration.

Bread and Butter Scheduling

What you’ll like most about our dental software is drag-and-drop scheduling, how you can move more than one appointment from one day to the next, and how clean and simple it is to use. More About Scheduling.

Sexy Charting

Once upon a time, when a doctor saw our dental software ¬†for the first time, he said “that’s the sexiest odontogram I’ve ever seen!” So, it kind of stuck and we do have the sexiest odontogram in the world. More About Charting.

Super Easy Treatment Planning

We made sure bells and whistles didn’t get in the way of quick treatment planning. At the same, time you’ll find plenty of power tools to help you tackle any treatment plan. For example, creating multiple treatment plans, or multiple appointments under one treatment plan, is a cake walk with our dental software. Watch and see for yourself!

Easy Navigation: Our Secret Sauce is in the Sidekick

Survey our customers and the number one favorite feature they like about Curve Dental is the Sidekick. In short, the Sidekick serves up the information you’re looking for even before you need it and provides a quick way to navigate from one part to another.

Bill Like You’ve Never Billed Before

Dentistry changes and so does your dental software. Just because you’ve been using the same dated software for years doesn’t mean its the only way to get things done. We’ve simplified the patient ledger, making for easier organization of who owes what and why. More About Billing.

Reports: Powerful, Customizable, Lovable

In our dental software you’ll find a wide range of ready-to-run reports for just about any purpose. But Curve Dental also lets you dig deep when you need to. More About Reporting. More About Practice Analytics.