Customer Quotes

Why our clients are smiling

Curve is the best of the cloud. Curve took us through conversion from our previous provider, training of the staff and the practice manager, and have also been there through our inexperienced moments. The software improves over time for the better and it was great to begin with. Curve Hero has been a great decision. I couldn't be happier.
Edward from
Hometown Family Dental Centers
The support from Curve has been fabulous. There are a tremendous amount of people connected to Curve and AT&T, and these companies will be doing everything humanly possible to keep everything up and running. Bottom line: the software delivers all the needed features necessary to run a contemporary dental practice.
Fredrick from
Fredrick A. Lurie DDS Inc.
This is the best software we have used for multiple doctors in multiple locations. It is also cloud based so we don't have to worry about a server going down or losing any information. We love it and recommend it highly!
Jessica from
On the Cusp Pediatric Dentistry
Curve Dental is user friendly, and can be accessible from home, to work or wherever I am. This software has made my job easier and more efficient. The Curve Dental Team are so supportive and prompt at answering any questions or helping with an issue. They are second to none and continue to improve!
Tracey from
Brookfield Dentistry
The community part of Curve is great. It helps to solve a lot of my questions before I call for support. The program is fast and easy to use and has anything I would need. Customer support is phenomenal.
Betty Jane from
Champion Dental Hygiene
We love the versatility that this cloud-based software has given us. It truly is mobile! We also appreciate the progressiveness of the company. They are constantly trying to improve this wonderful product. Most recently, we have started to use "Forms" to allow our patients to pre-register before their appointments. We switched to Curve Hero several years ago and have been glad we did!
Phyllis from
Dr. Mark A. Plant, DDS PA
Curve community is so beneficial! Any time I have questions I get them answered right away, and if the representative doesn't know, they take the time to find out the answer and get back to me right away. Also its VERY user friendly and teaching others to use the software is super easy.
Jose from
Dental Derby
Switching to Curve Hero 4 years ago was one of the best decisions I ever made. Ever increasing server issues and daily troubleshooting was causing me to feel more like an IT person learning on the job than a dentist on some days. Even hiring multiple IT gurus was a not a good use of my time or resources. Curve has opened opportunities for me that I didn't know were possible, making it much easier to manage multiple providers and staff. New staff adapt quickly to Curve and love its intuitive features, so we spend less time on training. The leadership at Curve listen to their customers. They focus on what is important. They provide great value. This partnership will continue to give me opportunities to adapt to the changes occurring in dentistry today.
Corey from
Downtown Dental