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#1 all-in-one practice management solution

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    Use Curve SuperHero™ to make practice management so much easier

    When you have the right software like Curve SuperHero™, practice management is significantly easier. Curve SuperHero’s deep array of features are designed to make running the business side of a practice more efficient. Advanced reporting provides actionable data to make the best decisions to be as profitable and productive as possible.

    Simplify Your Billing

    Simplify Billing and Payments

    Save time and get paid faster with effortless billing and configurable invoices. Simplify how you build, distribute, monitor, and process billing. Increase full payments with highly effective statements, streamline payments with a click-to-pay option, reduce labor by easily posting payments, and simplify eClaims submissions and tracking.


    See Today’s Tasks at a Glance

    With a click of a button our “SnapShot” feature summarizes your team’s daily schedule on one screen. Curve SuperHero’s easy to read dashboards point out important information that will aid in strategically preparing for each patient's visit.

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    Quickly Complete Insurance Checks

    Our Snapshot feature enables you to manage multiple insurance plans per patient, and view their historical coverage.

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    Easily Add New Offices

    Easily add new clinics to the Curve platform and share patient information and process payments across all locations. Generate business reports for all or individual offices and providers.

    Simplify Check-In

    Simplify Patient Check-In

    Curve’s Sidekick feature places information on each patient and their family members at your fingertips. Streamline check-in by knowing if forms have been completed, the patient needs to be premedicated for a procedure and more.

    Mid adult female receptionist receiving card from patient in dentist clinic

    Make Checkout a Breeze

    Since all data from the visit is communicated from the operatory to the front office in real-time, checkout is fast and accurate. This level of back and front office communication delivers a smooth checkout experience.

    Make Informed Business Decisions

    Make Informed Business Decisions

    Build customized reports to gather actionable data on key performance indicators to improve your practice.