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#1 all-in-one practice management solution

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    Drive production
    with exceptional clinical tools

    Clinical excellence drives your practice’s production. To maximize production, you operatory must be working at peak efficiency. Robust clinical tools including robust imaging features that can be easily added to Curve Hero, eliminate external bridges or cumbersome third-party integrations. Curve’s advanced charting features time saving shortcuts and beautiful images that help increase treatment plan acceptance.

    Easily Download and Share Images-2

    Easily Download and Share Digital Images

    Curve native imaging integrates with most image capturing devices and makes them available from wherever you want to view them. Images are automatically stored to the cloud and can be shared or attached with a single click.

    Charting Made Easy

    Charting Made Easy

    Curve’s quick charting, menu, button and combination of codes streamlines the charting process for existing and new patients. Use macros to create quick charting shortcuts on individual or several teeth.

    Increase Acceptance_1

    Increase Acceptance with Clear Treatment Plans

    Create multiple treatment options including associated costs so patients can make an informed decision. Simply click and drag functionality to rearrange visits and order of procedures to be completed.

    Modernize your Clinical Processes_1

    Modernize Your Clinical Processes

    Our clinical module provides you with fast access to historical imaging and treatment plans for each patient including graphical representation to see the status of each tooth. Quickly view images overlayed on the chart and add notes. Add clinical notes manually or via our interface with BOLA voice perio charting.

    Clinical - Clinical Educate Your Patients

    Educate Your Patients for Better Outcomes

    Dental and Perio charts work in concert to represent current conditions in your patient’s mouth. Educate your patients on their treatment plan options to identify problem areas and explain the impact on their oral health if not addressed.