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A fan curated list of our Greatest Hits.(a.k.a. “benefits, values, and promises”)

Curve SuperHero™ makes it easy to manage the technical and administrative responsibilities of your dental practice so you can focus on what matters most — caring for your patients and growing your business. That's the power of easy.


Hassle-Free Technology

Thanks to continuous automated updates, you work with the latest software version every time you log in — anywhere access to practice admin and patient records on any internet-connected device.


Personalized Patient Engagement

Smart Forms automatically upload patient information into Curve Hero® through a portal or via a tablet in your office. Configure patient recall and recare reminders to your liking.


A Trusted Strategic Business Partner

Curve Dental invests in a single platform, leveraging the most modern technology to drive your profitability and enhance your patient experience. Unlike traditional dental supply companies — salespeople masquerading as software developers.


Brilliantly Designed User Interface

Easy for any member of your team to learn and use regardless of their practice management experience.


The Highest Rated Customer Care in the Industry

Software is only as effective as the support that stands behind it. Count on 24/7/365 support from the highest-rated practice management software company on the market. That’s one of the reasons why our Net Promoter Score, which measures customer satisfaction, is significantly higher than our competition.


And some hits that turn a few heads.

Go On, Get SaaS’y With Us!

The Cloud is a vast departure from the world of servers and do-IT-yourself. SaaS or “Software as a Service” means Curve hosts your data, provides the latest software, and makes both available to you anytime, anywhere you have an internet connection. That’s the real value of our Hero® subscription model.

Training Confidence. Staff Convenience.

Curve Dental's training is web and phone-based so no need to close your office or send your staff to a remote location. We've found that training conducted over several short 90-min intervals optimizes retention, confidence, and is more effective than marathon training sessions.

Our Trainers Are Legit Rockstars

Each instructor is carefully screened and tested before they begin training your staff. All of our trainers have dental practice experience and have used Curve Hero in the real world. This is their focus. This is their jam.

We Seek Honest Feedback

We consistently follow up with every training experience asking you to rate your trainer. That’s how we maintain our 5-star satisfaction rating and keep our rockstars at their chart-topping best.

Our Heads Have Always Been In the Cloud

We’ve been writing cloud software for over a decade—providing our customers with a comprehensive feature set, proven infrastructure, and world-class customer service. Curve now supports 80,000+ dental professionals, more than any other cloud-based platform.

Uptime Performance Excellence: 99.99%

As far as we know we’re the only company that publishes our uptime performance stats (see www.curvedental.com/status). Nobody else does that. It makes you wonder why?

Native Digital Imaging

Integrated with nearly all of the popular digital x-ray sensors, you can capture images directly to the cloud with Curve Hero. You can view images in the cloud, on any internet-capable device, and from anywhere (even from the back nine)!

Integrated Ecosystem of Partners

We really do play nice with others. Compatible with a broad spectrum of partners across the dental industry, we make it easy for you to connect with the other tools you need to run your business. See our impressive array of partners at www.curvedental.com/partner-list.

“e” For Enterprise + Easy ... Not Expensive

Don’t spend thousands of dollars on servers and upfront license fees. Curve Hero is easy to switch to, easy to use, and easy to expand with your business. Curve has leveled the playing field, delivering a full-featured, enterprise-grade solution in an affordable monthly subscription.

Better Cost of Ownership

When have you ever hired someone starting at $3.50/hr* That’s what you’re getting with Curve Hero. A full-time digital “employee” who works for you 24 x 7 x 365! And we DO NOT charge per site...that fee includes all your locations! When compared to other solutions whose hidden add-ons and extras make monthly costs soar, Curve is an affordable solution without rival. *Based on a 40-hour, 5-day workweek. An additional fee of $100 / per dentist applies.

Quickstart, Easy Deployment

Tell yourself “NO” - No software to install. No servers to insure or upgrade. No expensive IT maintenance contracts. No interruptions to your practice. No danger of loss or theft. Nothing could be easier. Now smile, say “YES”, and go further faster.

Cybersecurity: We Have Your Back

Securing your patient and billing data is one of our team’s highest priorities. Continuous backup to Amazon Tier 1 Web hosting ensures the accuracy, accessibility, and integrity of your data. Annual 3rd-party intrusion detection and security audits are included in your regular fees to ensure your data is secure from the latest cybersecurity threats. We’re like the software SEAL team you never knew you needed.

HIPAA-Hooray! Compliance

Offsite data storage means compliance with HIPAA Security Rules is greatly simplified.

Continuity In Catastrophe

Bad things can happen to any organization. Should your practice be impacted by fire, flood, or theft, your patient data remains unharmed and instantly accessible. Buildings and Infrastructure can be rebuilt. With the Curve Hero, so can your data. No Xanax required.


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