Curve Dental Software Hardware Requirements

Hardware Requirements Made Simplepicture of computer showing curve dental software and the dental hardware requirements

“What are the hardware requirements?” We love this question. It gives us a great opportunity to explain some of the amazing benefits Curve Dental provides your practice.

Curve Dental functions within Google Chrome on either a Mac or a PC. Little, if anything, is loaded on your hard drive, so it doesn’t really matter how big your hard drive is. It doesn’t require a
local server. You don’t have to worry about recommended backup systems because we are taking care of all the backups anytime you make a change to your practice’s data—whether you’re updating a phone number of scheduling an appointment.

Are you starting to get the picture? Other than Internet speed, hardware requirements are mostly an item of personal preference with Curve Dental.

System Requirements:

Click Here for the latest system requirements.

Windows Vista and XP are Not Supported

We do not test our software on Windows Vista or XP and we do not recommend it. To do so would be like telling you to buy your favorite music on cassette rather than through iTunes. Like your gums, you should never neglect your hardware.

Your Hardware Must Support WebGL

Our tooth charting is super awesome. The graphics and user experience is off the charts. That’s because we use a WebGL, specialized computer code, to display graphics within Google Chrome. No WebGL compatibility? No charting. Again: You should never neglect your hardware.

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