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Actionable insight into your practice


Curve Business Intelligence combines our standard dental reporting functionality and Playbook Dashboards to provide actionable insights into the most important financial and operational metrics of your dental practice. We believe you should expect more from your Practice Management System, and true business intelligence into your practice (without the need for a business or finance degree) is something we are excited to offer you as a Curve customer!  


NEW! Operational Dashboards


Our new Operational Dashboards, included in Curve Business Intelligence, provide real time, actionable insights into the most important financial and operational metrics for your practice. Answer critical questions related to Collections and Production with easy to read and understand charts and graphs. Operational Dashboards also have corresponding reports that provide even more detail into these fundamental business trends.

Don’t wait until the end of the month to get answers to questions like:

Am I getting paid for the work I’m doing?
Who owes me money and how late are they?
Is there enough work to hire another Dentist/Hygienist?
What can I do to improve the financial position of my practice?

Operational Dashboard Categories

Operational dashboards are grouped into categories to make it easier to navigate through your practice’s financial trends. These categories include:

  • Accounts Receivable: Get a handle on your Accounts Receivable with an Aging Summary dashboard that indicates the breakdown between Responsible Party Aging and Insurance Aging to give you a better view of which aging categories need more attention.

  • Collections: Understand trends in collections by seeing a breakout of Production versus Collection month over month and Collections by payer/payment type. These insights can be used to prompt important conversations with providers and assess risk related to collecting by personal check or anticipating the fees associated with credit cards.

  • Patients: See your patient demographics at a glance to better understand the makeup of your practice and potential areas to focus marketing and retention efforts. This is especially critical for Pediatric dental practices who might have a large group of patients aging out of pediatrics.  

  • Production: Track Production throughout the year to aid in forecasting future revenue and to give you a better idea of realistic Production goals that can be achieved in the coming months. Understanding your Production mix in combination with a breakdown of Production by Provider, can help you focus on driving more of the right patients with the right treatment to the right providers to ultimately maximize profits.


Playbook Dashboards


With Playbook Dashboards, you get the KPI Dental Dashboard, which displays six key performance indicators (AR, Collections, Production, New Patients, Recare, Treatment Plan Value) that help summarize your practice’s overall performance and the Practice Review Dashboard, which is focused on your recent history.

You also get the Who’s On Deck Dashboard, which contains a summary view of the day’s patients. Upcoming birthdays, patient and insurance AR, recare, new patients, and whether or not they have other household members visiting is available as well. This will allow you to make the operational decisions to ensure that each patient has recare set up and that you’ve collected their payments, before they leave the office.

Reporting in Curve Hero

Get real time access to your practice’s financial and patient data with dental reports for your practice built right into your dental practice management software. You can choose from a list of ready-to-run reports that cover all the basics, or you create custom reports to fit any particular purpose and save it as a template for future use.

Quick access to common and relevant reports will put you in touch with the data you want to see. With every report, you will have four convenient options:

  • Download the information in a .csv format
  • Print the report
  • Send patient letters using the data in the report
  • Save custom dental reports—you never have to create the same report twice!

What’s more, with every report, you can adjust the way the data is presented to the way you want it presented. You can reposition a column, add filters on the fly or remove filters—the displayed report will be updated in real time.


Practice Review

Standard Dental Reports


  • Useful Patient Reports. You can view and/or print a collection of reports to help you better understand who your patients are, such as demographic information and medical alerts.
  • Simple Scheduling Reports. You can quickly create and view a scheduling report to see which patients have appointments for any given date, procedure, length, or status for any provider.
  • Relevant Insurance Reports. Insurance management is a daunting task for any dental practice. With Curve Dental managing insurance becomes much more manageable.
  • Effective Clinical Reports. Handy treatment plan reports will help zero in on unscheduled treatment plans, which will boost your bottom line.
  • Accurate Financial Reports. Our dental software delivers on-the-fly financial information for a number of different purposes: Production, collections, aging, and more!
  • Key Recare Reports. Recare is critical to the success of any dental practice and our reports make analyzing Recare quick and easy.
  • Miscellaneous Reports. You’ll find a collection of other reports to help you build and manage your practice.
  • Custom Reports. If you don’t see what you need, you can take an existing report and modify it. Or you can create your own report from scratch.

KPI Dashboard

  • The KPI Dental Dashboard displays six key performance indicators (AR, Collections, Production, New Patients, Recare, Treatment Plan Value) that help summarize your financial results.

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