Efficient and Easy Dental Appointment Scheduling

Dental appointment scheduling is the bread and butter of your practice. Curve Dental will add some sweet honey to your meal! When looking for dental scheduling software, doctors and their staff are looking for key features to simplify their processes. We provide a solution to save you time and avoid any headaches with scheduling!

curve dental appointment scheduling software screenshot

Powerful Dental Appointment Scheduling Features:

  • Easy to Understand. Your dental practice wants to see a simple organization and display of the day’s appointments, which is exactly what Curve Hero delivers. True to the Curve Hero character, you’ll be surprised by the crisp and clean organization of your appointments.
  • Simple to Use. With a patient on the phone and one or two more at the front desk all asking about their dental appointments, Curve Hero helps you find the information you need in very little time—which keeps everyone happy.
  • Powerful Scheduling Tools. Just because our software may be the easiest in the world to use doesn’t mean it isn’t loaded with these key features:
    • Change any appointment or group of appointments with simple drag-and-drop functionality
    • Block out dates/times for any reason
    • Create custom views for any operatory or provider
    • Move forward/backward any range of dates with just one click
    • Many more features than we can list here—call to see our dental appointment scheduling software up close and personal!
  • Convenient Accessibility. Patient appointment information can be accessed any time from any location. All you need is a browser and an Internet connection.

Of course, we’ve only introduced you to a handful of the hundreds of impressive features you’ll find in our dental scheduling software. The best way to see it all is by calling us today. One of our charming dental software experts can show you everything when you call to see a demonstration.

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Ready to move forward? Curve Dental is available in four convenient packages. Whether you’re a new practice, a group practice, or just a regular killer practice, we have a plan that works for you. Review our different plans today.