Dental Appointment Reminder Software

Patient communication has never been easier

Curve Connex, our online portal, allows you to send text message and email reminders of upcoming appointments. Additionally, it enables patients to view and pay their bills, see upcoming appointments and watch educational videos. Your office may be closed, but your practice is always open with Curve Connex.

The Curve Dental Difference



Curve Connex is built into our software, so there’s no need for additional software vendors or another support team.



Benefit from our extensive knowledge in both dental and software that delivers an exceptional online patient experience with easy communication.



We are investing significantly in research and development to add the most beneficial new features and functionality into our patient engagement offering.

Key Features


Reduce no-shows with appointment visibility and reminders: With Curve Connex, your patients automatically receive appointment reminders via email and/or text message. You decide when to send reminders and via which method. Your subscription to Curve Connex includes 1,000 texts and unlimited email reminders. Additionally, patients can view all their and their family’s upcoming appointments.

Boost your cash flow with online payments: Patients have access to view their statements and the ability to pay online. You have the ability to customize individual patient statements, create default messaging for all new statements and to hide/show insurance estimates, payment breakdowns and voided transactions. With our formatting features and the ability to add custom messaging, you can turn your billing statements into marketing opportunities and get paid faster with easier to understand statements.

Enable patient education: Patients can access the entire Curve Dental library of informational videos via their patient portal, often leading to increased trust in your dental professionals, and consequently, treatment acceptance.

Use custom fields to suit your practice: Each office has their own way of doing things, so the ability to create customer fields is an invaluable feature. Easily capture and use the patient data that’s important to your practice using custom fields.

Ensure HIPAA compliance: Our patient portal provides convenient, secure communication between you and your patients that couldn’t legally be communicated via email.

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Curve in Action


  • Automated email and text reminders reduce no-shows and improve patient communication.