Curve Dental Customer Service and Training

Looking for Help?

Call 888-910-4376 option 1. We’re available 24/7. Send an e-mail message to You can also create a ticket within our software, then we’ll contact you with the answer you’re looking for. Or, you can access our infobase, found in Curve Community which you access from within our software. Don’t forget to monitor our Status PageThe chat and contact forms on this page are not intended for you to request customer assistance. Using the aforementioned options will result in faster assistance.

We Rush to Take Your Call

Waiting to speak to a live person can wreak havoc on office workflow. So, the bottom line is we need to answer your call just as quickly as we can. After all, you’re the customer and you need our help. And time is money!

We provide lots of ways to help you get the information you need in addition to a simple phone call. For example:

Extensive Online Tools

All of our customers can access a library of information, from documentation to videos—lots of videos. And all of it is searchable by keyword, so it’s super easy to find what you’re looking for.

The Convenience of Integrated Messaging

You can submit questions directly to our technicians through our software, which is faster than creating an e-mail. Sometimes sending a message this way is more convenient. So you can zap us a question and we’ll get back to you in a jiffy.

Complimentary Training

Every now and again we schedule a series of informative webinars for all of our customers at no extra charge. We pick a topic that will be of obvious value to our customers and we tell all.

24/7 Emergency Service

If you’re in emergency mode and it’s after hours, you can leave a message and our on-call technician will call you back. We have a technician on call 24/7, every day of the year. Only for emergencies, mind you!

Weekend Support

As a convenience, many of our customers stay open on the weekends to help their patients. We do, too! You can call us on a Saturday morning if you need help. Does your current software company do that?

Full Transparency

Whenever or however you contact us for assistance, we create a trackable ticket. You can view all the tickets for your practice at any time making it easy to see which members of your team are calling for assistance and the status of each.

Super Fast. Super Friendly. Super Good with English.

Perhaps two things separate us from our competition:

  • First, we hustle to answer your phone call. As of September 2018, we answer your call in about 55 seconds and get you back to work in about 8 minutes and 56 seconds! Pretty impressive stats, which is why we’re the only dental software company to publish these kinds of numbers (as far as we know). Don’t even bother to ask the bigger dealers for their numbers. Look, if we fail to impress you with our customer service, we’ll just be another dental software company. And that’s not our style.
  • Secondly, we like to talk to our customers. In all seriousness, our technicians will come to know you like a neighbor and inquire about your family or your dog.
Doctors Love the Way We Train

Curve Hero could be the easiest dental software to use. But, no matter how simple the dental software, the staff still needs a little time set aside for computer training. At Curve Dental, we try to mitigate staff downtime by spreading the training over two weeks. The impact on the practice is minimized.

Bite-size Chunks

Equally important, the software and computer training is delivered in bite-size chunks that the staff can learn and remember, which makes our software and computer training for the dental staff more effective. We don’t ask you to close your office, just set aside an hour or so for some personal online training. It really works well.

Certified Trainers

You’ll like our trainers. Each is carefully screened and tested before they begin computer and software training with your staff. Obviously, we make sure they are masters of their universe, both in terms of their knowledge of the software and their ability to teach. You’ll have the opportunity to score your trainer. Any trainer that doesn’t pass your test of quality and satisfaction is taken off our list of certified trainers.

Most Cost-efficient Training

Our software and computer training is provided over the internet and the phone, eliminating unnecessary travel costs and time. Because we’ve found training conducted over several short intervals is more effective, web-based training simply works better.

Charming, Beautiful People

Attractive personalities are what matters most to us. Your staff will respond well to software and computer training when the trainer is patient, experienced and fun. Fun is how we’d like to describe your interaction with Curve Dental, and our software and computer training is no exception.

The Best Time to Call

graph showing the best time of day to contact curve dental customer serviceIf you need to speak with one of our customer service experts, the best time to call is early morning or after noon. If you take a quick glance at the chart of incoming calls, you can see that demand spikes at 9:00 am MT and then dwindles as the day wanes. If your practice is on the East Coast, obviously the morning hours are a perfect time to call for super quick service. If you’re on the West Coast, afternoons are better. In any event, no matter where your practice is located, we rush to take your call and answer your question as quickly as possible. Our cloud-based dental software rocks, but our customers say our customer service is top notch.

Call and speak with one of our dental software consultants at 888-910-4376 to learn more about our customer service and training.