Credit Card Processing Software for Dentists

Reduce your receivables and improve cash flow with Curve’s unparalleled dental credit card processing.

Process Debit and Credit Card Payments Within Curve Hero

Every practice struggles with the challenge of managing receivables. Many management consultants tell their clients the best way to keep receivables in check is to collect payment at the time of service. Offering your patients electronic payments options will reduce past due accounts, accelerate cash flow and reduces operating expenses all with our easy to use dental credit card processing software.

Dental Credit Card Processing Within Curve Dental

Accepting credit card payments is as simple as clicking on a “Credit Card” button and then swiping the patient’s card using our mag stripe reader. Processing payments with Curve Dental has these two key advantages:

You’ll Save Time.

With Curve’s integrated solution, you swipe the patient’s card and then you’re done. All important payment transaction information is automatically written to the patient’s account, saving you time and effort.

You’ll Enjoy Competitive Rates.

Apply today to see just how competitive our rates are and how simple our rates are to understand.

screenshot of curve dental credit card processing software in action

Partnered with the Best: Introducing Bluefin Payment Systems

To provide super simple and secure integrated payment processing, we partnered with Bluefin Payment Systems. Bluefin is on the web. We’re on the web. Our customers are on the web. What’s not to like? Bluefin understood us and our customers from the get go. As a result, Bluefin is our exclusive provider of a really slick payment system.

The Bluefin Advantages

Credit Card Acceptance.

You’ll be able to process all major cards: Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, JCB®, and American Express®.

Debit Card Transactions.

You’ll enjoy lower transaction fees of both PIN-based and signature debit cards. Canadian practices: please call for more information about debit cards.

No Application or Setup Fees!

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