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Curve Dental was founded in Canada in 2004 as the first cloud-based dental practice management software on the market. Today, we're still working hard every day from our Calgary offices to continually improve
our top-rated software.

Here’s a fun fact.

Canada is where the vast majority of our developers live and work and where our development leadership team hang their hats. For a software company, product development is where the rubber meets the road … and that road leads through Calgary for Curve Dental.

What makes the cloud-based software Curve builds in Canada unique?

When we first set out designing our solution nearly 20 years ago, our goal was to develop the most revolutionary practice management solution that dentistry had ever seen. To accomplish this, we decided we would combine and allocate the monthly license fees from all of our customers so we could continually enhance our flagship product, Curve Hero ... A product that is far more robust, dependable, and secure than any solution any practice could afford to build or buy alone. This business model is revolutionary for practices and that makes us proud!

While Curve has more customers than any other cloud-based solution, we are not stopping there. We’ve committed over CA$40 million in the next 5 years to accelerate this journey.

Does Curve have offices outside of Canada?

Since Provo, Utah is considered the main hub of dental technology, and 90% of all North American dental practices are south of the Canada/USA border, we opened a Provo office so that Curve could better serve our customers with revolutionary concepts, features, and partnerships. Today, Curve serves over 80,000 dental professionals with amazing software products that are designed and coded in Canada while we deliver 5-star world-class customer care from our offices in Provo. It’s the best of both worlds.

Let’s talk specifically about some Canadian facts



We employ over 50 software experts and technical personnel in Canada to serve the entire Curve customer base, including over 3,500 Canada-based  dental professionals who use Curve Hero.



Curve's IT infrastructure and data center is fully compliant with the rigid laws required for Canadian businesses. Our data center provides the security you need to support your compliance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), and the various provincial statutes that govern its protection.



Please check to see if your device is supported by Curve



Curve Hero is certified by CDAnet to manage pre-authorization and real-time insurance coverage through the ITRANS network.

While we always look to the future, we never forget our past.

We’re proud of our Canadian roots and going forward, we are committed to delivering the dental industry’s best practice management software to Canadian practices. You can count on that for years to come.