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Publish Date: December 10, 2020


How COVID-19 Has Changed the Dental Staffing Model

The workplace had begun going virtual well before COVID-19 arrived on our shores. Lightning fast internet, hot spots, online software, and video conferencing enabled more employees to work remotely.

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Publish Date: 10/28/2020


A Practice Manager Assures Us That Positive Experiences are Possible

By John Kringle, Chief Operating Officer, Cellerant Consulting Group


Publish Date: January 20, 2021


How to Get Staff to Adopt to New Technology

Adopting new technology is a piece of cake, right? After all, everyone loves change, especially moving their entire practice and workflows to new software. Now that we have your attention, let’s address ways you can get your staff to take advantage of new tools that will make them more effective in order to benefit your staff, your patients, and your practice.

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Publish Date: January 20, 2021


How Curve Stacks Up Against Paper Dental Records

Is Curve safer than paper dental records? The answer is an emphatic “yes” and in this blog, we'll share the Top 5 Reasons Why.

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A Dental Office Manager's Testimonial

Curve Hero makes learning cloud-based software easy so that your team can realize the benefits fast. Monique Eastman, Operations Manager at Town Dentistry, explains why.

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Secret Weapon

So why do nearly 33,000 dental professionals love Curve Heron cloud-based practice management software? Why do they consider it their secret weapon? Click to watch the video.





Remote Access

Schedule and reschedule patients, and handle billing from the office or remotely.



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Low Touch No Touch

Curve Dental’s cloud-based practice management software delivers a staff and patient experience that is safe and convenient, with as little touch as possible.

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Exposing the Hidden Costs of Server-Based Dental Software

The long-standing dental industry norm has been for practices to house their own dental management system with a server on-site or nearby. The consensus was that a...




Technology Front & Center

Emergencies often catch us off guard as they can take on many different forms — flood, fire, earthquake, hurricane, tornado, theft — and in 2020, a global pandemic...


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Trivia That’s Anything
But Trivial

AADOM 12/15/20 Poll Results

What are the 2-3 challenges or frustrations you face with your current practice management software?


  •         Doesn’t offer all the features I need (70 votes)
  •         Nothing. I love what we use (48 votes)
  •         Feels outdated and cumbersome (26 votes)

Curve Hero’s Net Promoter Score

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