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Hardware Requirements for Our Web Based Dental Software

"What are the hardware requirements?" We, love this question. It gives us a great opportunity to explain some of the amazing benefits of Web-based dental practice management by Curve.

Though there are "hardware requirements" for the use of Curve's software products, the whole concept of "hardware requirements" is very much a client/server type question. So, we'll give you the answer here, but we'd really like to elaborate a bit too (some might call it pontificating or preaching). We like to think of it as education.

Because Curve is Web-based, its requirements are more associated with the Web-browser and Internet connection as opposed to the specific hardware that is being used. For example, client/server systems (all the other guys) typically give you a long list of "must have's" to run their software. They will say that it has to be a Mac or a PC, or they will tell you how big of a hard drive you will need to install the software on, they will tell you what type of backup devise is necessary, they will tell you the power recommendations for the server based on how many computers will be accessing it in the office. All those things are important for the legacy client/server based systems. With a Web-based system, none of that matters.

Curve runs in a web-browser on either a Mac or a PC. Little, if anything, is loaded on your hard drive, so it doesn't really matter how big your hard drive is. It doesn't require any local server and will permit as many users to access it all at the same time regardless of where they are. You don't have to worry at all about the server hardware requirements because we don't require a server at all. You don't have to worry about recommended backup systems because we are doing all the backups with every change of your data of every day of the year. Are you starting to get the picture? Hardware requirement are mostly an item of personal preference with Curve.

Obviously, you will need a computer to access the system, and that computer does have some minimum standards, but the minimums are pretty low. The computer simply needs to be able to access the Internet and a reasonably capable way and be able to browse the Internet. That said, we have had offices use super-duper expensive monster computers with gargantuan screens (they look really cool), and we have had offices happy with simple, cheap netbooks. Obviously, there will be performance differences, but depending on the task, they will both work.

Now, we think our product looks really good on the big screen, but the truth is, you have options. As promised, here's our "hardware requirements," but even these requirements are more like the pirate code: They're more what you would call "guidelines".

System Requirements:

Check Your Connection Speed:

Run SpeedTest

Windows XP is Not Supported

In April 2014 Microsoft discontinued support of Windows XP, a version of Windows older than old. We do not test our software on Windows XP and we do not recommend it. To do so would be like telling you to buy your favorite music on cassette rather than through iTunes. XP is a huge target for viruses and hackers. Like your gums, you should never neglect your hardware.

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