Dental Software Imaging Direct to the Cloud

With Curve Dental’s patented technology, you can capture digital images directly to the cloud with almost any sensor, pan or camera. Our dental imaging features are native to the rest of the management system, just like scheduling and charting are native to the system. No bridges. No tricky integrations. Just simple dental imaging software.

Dental Imaging Software | Curve Dental

It all works together just fine. Check out these key features:

Intuitive Interface

Our unique interface places the FMX images over the patient’s restorative chart, providing the clinician a better perspective and understanding of the images they’re viewing. A handy slider bar controls opacity so you can view the images with or without the chart.

Native Feature Set

Charting, billing, scheduling, imaging, and all other features are just a click away from each other. Our software is easier to use and more efficient.

Magic Manipulations

You can record and save a series of preferred manipulations and filters. Once recorded, you can quickly apply the same set of adjustments to any images with a click of the mouse, which saves oodles of time. You can easily adjust contrast, brightness, gamma, rotate, sharpen, and invert.

Better Security and Hassle-free Storage

Your images are backed up to multiple servers in multiple locations every hour of every day. And storage space is our worry, not yours.

Dump the Server and Save

With Curve Dental, you don’t need a server to capture images. Servers are expensive to buy and to maintain.

Access Your Images Anywhere, Anytime

Whether you’re at home or away from the office, you’ll always have access to your patient’s digital images. You don’t have to bolt on third-party software because our imaging features are native to our software.

Just Sign In to Get Started

There’s no need to install software (other than a driver or small utility, perhaps). Getting started is as easy as logging in.

Mac or PC

With Curve Dental you can capture images directly to the cloud with a Mac or a PC. You choose! But take note that the number of sensors and devices compatible with Mac is really small.

Use Almost Any Digital Device

You can capture digital dental images directly to the cloud with any of these sensors, cameras, and 2D pans.


Looking for a particular device driver? You may find it in our directory of imaging device drivers.