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Dental Charting Software that Rocks Your World

Dental charting in Curve Hero is what every dentist wants in charting software: Simplicity, flexibility and efficiency. To date, common dental charting practice has required a three- or four-step process in order to chart anything. Curve Dental took an entirely different path to dental charting, one that lets the dentist or staff member chart any dental procedure in less than three steps, which is more efficient.

And an increase in efficiency is a savings in time and money. Perhaps more interesting is the incredible visual appeal and stunning presentation of the chart. But regardless, if you're a dentist looking for efficiency in process or aesthetics of operation, our Curve Hero software will please you.

  • No Learning Curve. The dental chart interface is clean and simple and surprisingly devoid of mystical charting buttons to decipher. Instead, the dentist or staff makes choices from a sentence, which puts the choices in context. As far as dental charting software is concerned, functionality becomes available as needed, rather than in your face from the very beginning.
  • Faster Charting. The Curve Hero chart is designed so that restorations can be painted right on the tooth using the mouse, which means you can chart a multiple-surface restoration, like an MOD, in milliseconds. Try that with other dental charting software. You'll be amazed at how clunky and slow other software systems feel when compared to the Curve Hero chart.
  • Intuitive Workflow. The Curve Hero chart is designed to function how the dentist or clinician does things, because the chart is primarily used by a clinician. The secret behind our success in designing dental charting software is the designer himself, who happens to be a dentist.
  • Simple Treatment Planning. Flexibility as a dentist is the keyword when describing the chart. You can create multiple treatment plans and drag them around in whatever order you wish. The defining test of whether treatment planning software is easy or not is asking the dentist if the same task can be done faster on paper. The Curve Hero dental chart software passes this test with flying colors.
  • Fun Charting. Describing dental charting practice as fun may seem strange, but most dentists will agree that practicing dentistry can become monotonous, like any other profession, perhaps. The Curve Hero dental chart contains graphics that are realistic, responsive and aesthetically pleasing. Being able to complete charting in a quick, simple and intuitive manner adds a bit of brightness to any day.
  • Web-based Convenience. Because the dental chart in Curve Hero uses web-based software you can access patient data from any computer with a browser and Internet access. Happen to be on vacation when you receive an emergency phone call? From your hotel room or lobby, an Internet café, or on the go you can quickly access the information you need to help a patient.

Perhaps the benefits of dental charting in the Curve Hero software can be summed up in three easy words:

  • Simplicity. Once you compare our charting functionality with other dental charting software you'll agree that nothing could be easier for the dentist when it comes to charting.
  • Flexibility. Dental charting software should be an extension of your lifestyle. If you can bank on-line, trade on-line and book a reservation on-line you should be able to manage your practice on-line.
  • Efficiency. If your current dental charting practice is making you pay more attention to the chart than to your patient, then something's wrong. See how much time you'll save with Curve Hero.

You can learn more about our dental chart by seeing a demonstration. One of our friendly dental software experts can show the dentist, hygienist, office manager, or dental assistant exactly what they want to see, whether it's charting or something else.

To see a charting demonstration, complete the "Learn More" form below, send us an e-mail at, or pick up the phone and call us. Either way, you'll be speaking to someone who understands dental software and the pain you must be feeling with your current charting system. Curve Hero is a fresh, web-based alternative to dental charting software. Call now! 1-888-910-4376

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