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Curve Connex

Connecting Your Practice with Your Patient Whenever and Wherever

Curve Connex is a suite of features that will help you stay in touch with your patients even when the office is closed. With Curve Connex you can:

> Send Automated Appointment Reminders

With Curve Connex your patients automatically receive appointment reminders via e-mail and/or text message. You decide when to send reminders and how; for example, you may wish to send an e-mail a few days before an appointment and a text the day of an appointment. Your monthly subscription to Curve Connex includes 1,000 texts and unlimited e-mail messages. You'll see a wonderful reduction in missed appointments when you put Curve Connex to work for your practice.

> Offer Online Payments

Curve Connex provides your practice with a smart-looking patient portal where your patients can pay their bill. We live in an online world and your patients expect to be able to settle their accounts online, which is far more convenient and easier than writing and mailing a paper check. All online transactions are secured by the same technology that protects Curve Hero from unwanted snoopers. Online payments help reduce outstanding invoices and boost cash flow.

> Provide Access to Statements

When your patients have anytime access to their account they’re more likely to stay current. Your patients can quickly select any past statement and view it on screen or print.

> Post Family Appointments

Curve Connex’s patient portal clearly posts all upcoming appointments for a patient and their family. Your office may be closed but your practice is always open with Curve Connex. Your patients can access appointment information whenever they need it.

> Show Patient Education Videos

More than likely you've used Curve Hero's patient education videos to help you present a treatment plan. Now, with Curve Connex, your patients can access the entire library at the patient portal on any day, any time of the day, and from any where!

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