The Curve Dental Experience

Smart People

11 years of cloud-only development. That's all we've ever done; that's all we do.

Customer Focus

We are small enough to care. Every customer is a VIP customer.


Installation is as easy as entering a username and password.


We're going places! By listening to our customers and with an eye on the horizon our software is vibrant and dynamic.

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What Makes Us Better


The easiest system you'll
ever learn and use. Crisp,
clean and gorgeous!


With 11 years of know how
our systems are more robust:
99.99% uptime!

Native Digital Imaging

Direct to the cloud with patent
pending technology

Customer Success

70% of our customers say our customer service is
much better than their previous vendor's

Hip, Cool and Handsome

We're a bunch that you want to associate
with--we'll make you look and feel like a
million bucks!

Curve Dental by the Numbers

Dental Team Members
Patient Records

Off-the-Chart Charts

Curve Dental is the first dental software that is actually fun to use and here’s why: Curve’s gorgeous odontogram and intuitive charting method. With very little training you’ll be charting the most aggressive cases with multiple treatment plans per case. Our sexy odontogram rocks the dental profession—frankly, none of our competitors even come close!

Beautiful Billing

Getting paid just got easier. Curve Hero provides you with exactly what you want and exactly what your patients need—like clear and concise statements with an easy-to-find balance. Posting payments and adjustments is a piece of cake: Easy to learn and quick to use. And that saves time, which saves money—something you’ll appreciate.


State-of-the-Art Imaging

Curve Dental brings to the table the most straightforward dental imaging technology in the industry. With Curve you can capture images directly to the cloud using almost any digital x-ray sensor or other compatible device. Our patent-pending technology is amazing!

Scheduling Made Easy

Central to the practice is the scheduler. And ours is so easy to understand, everyone on the team will use it! A crisp, clean organization and presentation of appointments is the secret. Drag-and-drop simplicity makes our appointment book a no brainer. And the fact that it can be accessed anywhere,even on your smartphone, makes it a favorite.


What's to love about Curve Dental?
Read what just a few of our happy customers say.

  • "Curve is way ahead of the game!"

    Their software is unique and innovative and their customer service is the best. Switching to Curve has exceeded my expectations.
    Dr. C. Longenecker
  • "We love the flexibility!"

    Having access to the data from anywhere is great. We are very happy with Curve!
    Dr. R. Moreno
  • "Curve is clean, it’s easy, and it’s intuitive!"

    Updates have been good and timely; seems like every two weeks there's something new.
    Dr. J. McCaslin
  • "Curve is best cloud-based option!"

    When we made the move to the cloud, we were running at a higher efficiency level in a matter of days.
    R. Cunningham, Office Manager
  • "Customer service has been fantastic!"

    Curve Dental is very user-friendly and for those who are not computer savvy they'll find it easy to pick up.
    S. Lyman, Office Manager
  • "Very pleased!"

    Curve is fast, reliable and the customer service has been great!
    Dr. T. Harbaugh
  • "Checking in patients takes less time!"

    I appreciate the ease of writing notes, perio charting, and patient education. My charting time in general takes less time, which makes my day at the office flow better.
    E. Naranjo, RDH
  • "Very User Friendly!"

    I enjoy being able to access patient information from home if I need to do a follow up. And accessing my schedule from home is even better.
    A. Mercado, RDH
  • "Curve is the most amazing program!"

    For the first time I feel like a product can help to keep us from losing patients in between the cracks.
    A. Frescas, Office Manager
  • "It just makes sense!"

    Every industry is headed towards cloud-based software and data management. Why not dentistry?
    Dr. T. Bae
  • "Great web-based software!"

    I can log in at night, chart a note, take an emergency call and have access to all the information without driving to the office.
    N. Yoder, Clinic Administrator
  • "Curve is awesome!"

    It's easy to use and you can access it from anywhere. I've used a lot of programs and I'd say Curve is the best.
    D. Martinez, RDA