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Introducing Recare, Referral and Treatment Plan Dashboards

We recently released six new Playbook dashboards in three new categories. You will find tremendous value in this business intelligence.

The new Recare, Referrals and Treatment Plan operational dashboards will help you manage your practice, and grow your business.

Engaging Customers for a Better Dental Experience

In the past few months you may have noticed we have been asking our users to fill out surveys in the Curve Hero welcome message. We hope we’re not being too much of an annoyance—our apologies if that’s the case and our sincere thanks if you’ve taken time to help us out. The surveys represent the Curve Dental design team’s effort to solicit valuable feedback to improve our decision making. This is all part of our dental experience activities.

Dental Hours of Access Gives Peace of Mind

Our customers have wanted the ability to set the hours when staff members can access Curve Hero for some time. Restricting users from using Curve Hero outside of office hours provides a more secure system for your practice. 


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