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Denti-Cal Claims & Resubmission Turnaround Document Protocol

Not all electronic insurance claims systems work seamlessly together. Sometimes there are special needs that need to be addressed separately outside of the usual claims system. This update addresses one of these special cases.

Currently, Curve Hero’s ability to manage electronic claims lacks the ability to handle a special case from Denti-Cal, a special government-sponsored carrier in California. When a claim needs to be re-submitted, Denti-Cal sends back an electronic report called a Resubmission Turnaround Document (RTD). The report identifies requests for missing or additional information, and may be printed, completed, signed and returned to the carrier for processing.

We have now added the ability for you to access these reports on-demand through Curve Hero. These reports are available electronically from the carrier via our clearing house, and allow you to identify requests for missing or additional information from the carrier on submitted Denti-Cal claims.

We realize you may not need this ability as you may not interact with Denti-Cal. Therefore, we have added this as a setting in our Administration section, so that the provided link to the report will not clutter up your Claims module.

RTD reports are set to not display by default. So, if you need this ability you will need to configure this setting with a simple click of the mouse in the Insurance Management section of Administration.

image of curve dental support center showing how to access info about denti cal reports
Enable the Denti-Cal setting in the Administration section to get started.

Accessing the Resubmission Turnaround Document Report

In Claims, we have added a new link to the claims module (for those that have activated it). This link allows you to select a date that your RTD report would have been sent out from Denti-Cal. The report will load into a new browser tab for perusal. This allows you to retrieve past data on each of the daily reports.

image of curve dental support center showing a calendar for denti cal
View the RTD report in the Claims Module.

We are proud to present this integration, to encourage the efficiency of your office with regards to Denti-Cal claims.


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