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Upgrade For Curve Hero’s Get My Data Feature

At Curve Dental, we don't hold your data hostage. You've always had a way to download your practice's data to a simple text file from with the Curve Hero application. We call this feature: Get My Data.

As you know dental practices generate a lot of data and it can take a while to get it all simply due to the shear volume.  Previously you had to wait around for the Get My Data process to complete (which could be quite a while). It wasn't very elegant, but it did it’s job. 

We here at Curve like elegance. We eat elegance for breakfast...which isn’t a very elegant thing to say, I guess. Well, anyway, it needed a change! So we beefed it up and are now proud to present to you...drum roll...The All New Get My Data!

How it works

Under the Administration section in Curve Hero, you will see new functionality jump out of the woodwork at you in the Get My Data option (located under the General section).

We have added a more user-friendly interface that will allow you to not only download your data, but allows you to manage the downloading queue.

New functionality available in Get My Data
New functionality available in Get My Data.

Your Downloads

You will now be able to access files for up to one (1) week after finishing a download. You can also sort the previous ones by the user who requested it, the initiation date, the expiry date, and the status of the download.

Manage your downloads in Get My Data
Manage your downloads in Get My Data.

While a Get My Data file is running, feel free to use other parts of Curve Hero. The status will update in the Administration section automatically. Once a file is ready for download, the download icon is shown:

Cancelling a Download

If you change your mind, cancel a Get My Data task at any time.


We have even included a nice Community article for our customers so that you can refresh your knowledge about the feature, and many others!


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