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Why Your Practice Deserves More from Your Practice Management Software

As any successful dental practice knows, your patients come first, so why keep them waiting with confusing billing processes and slow scheduling? Effective dental practice management software not only increases practice efficiency and improves employee workflows, it also enhances the overall patient experience.

Thanks to the different options these types of platforms offer, patients can have the ability to view their account and easily pay their bills, be reminded of their upcoming appointment, or even access educational information about their procedures.

Whether your practice doesn’t currently have dental practice management software,or you are simply looking to upgrade, having a reliable and intuitive portal is crucial for the patient experience. 

What is the Role of Practice Management Software? 

Practice management software helps dentists manage all
of the unique challenges they face as they run their practice. From managing dental charts and payment processing to scheduling patient appointments, practice management software is at the center of the dental practice and is designed to help dental offices run more efficiently and productively.

Typical Components of Practice Management Software 

Although each dental management software has differences, there are many features they provide:

  •  Patient scheduling
  •  Billing
  •  Claims 
  • Charting

Patient Scheduling

Most practice management software includes the ability to
create and track patient visits, with schedules for different providers color-coded to show their available appointments times, duration of the appointment, and sets of patients. This provides a quick and easy way for staff to schedule a patient and prepare for the visit.


Another major task that takes up valuable time is managing  complex billing systems. With practice management software, staff can easily build, distribute, monitor, and process statements, spending less time on administration duties and more time with patients.


Practice Management Software also tracks electronic claims once they are submitted, whether that be through a claims clearinghouse or directly to the insurance payer. For claims that require a patient payment, the software generate and mail its own statements with the balance due appearing directly to the patient.


Dental charting software is another benefit for dentists. Maintaining accurate and streamlined records of a patient’s visit is one of the most important aspects of a dental practice, building a foundation of trust throughout their treatment and care. User-friendly charting allows staff to spend more time maintaining that relationship and listening to the patient rather than battling with inaccurate or outdated systems.

Benefits of Practice Management Software For Patients

Practice management software not only benefits dental practitioners, it enables patients to:

  • Verify insurance eligibility and coverage
  • Find their balance and pay their bills
  • Be reminded of upcoming appointments either
    via text message or email
  • Schedule appointments
  • Contact the dental practice through a HIPAA compliant portal with any questions or concerns

Dental Management Software

It’s not an option, but a necessity to have effective software for your dental office. Delivering a positive patient experience is a top priority for dental practices, and having the right software is critical to attaining optimal results.

Not sure how to start?

Traditional dental practice software is server-based which means you must buy and manage servers. Over the past several years, more and more practices are switching to a cloud-based solution like Curve Dental. Over 27,000 dental practitioners use Curve Hero, Curve Dental’s practice management software to enhance patient care and engagement, increase treatment acceptance, and significantly improve the efficiency of their practice using only a browser and internet connection.

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