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Measurement Tools For Curve Image

We all know that radiographs and other images are a critical tool in diagnosis and treatment planning. While you can always look inside the patients mouth, without radiographs you really can't get underneath the surface to truly understand what's going on. 

When accessing information in a radiograph or intraoral camera image, it is often necessary to relate measurements to the image that is displayed in front of you. This can assist in properly making decisions on courses of action to take with a patient. We have heard you and have worked hard to bring you a solution which will further your current ability in Curve Hero to interpret radiographs and intraoral images properly.

Curve Image subscribers now have the ability to measure what they see in their images and save those measurements (and associated notes) with the image and the patient record. We're happy to announce our new Measurement Tools which allow you to measure things like root depth, angles to understand impingement, areas and distances for abnormalities and pockets, and trace paths through the anatomy to understand the right approach.  

Curve Image subscribers will see the following new types of measurements:

Linear measurements

This provides you with the ability to create a simple linear measurement in millimeters. Simply click between two points, and your measurements are created. How deep is the root? Now you know!

Linear measurements in Curve Imaging
Linear measurements in Curve Imaging.

Angle Measurements

Angle measurement show you both the linear measurements of two connected lines, as well as the angle created between them. Use these when trying to determine spacing or to understand that really curly root.


Elliptical Measurements

Measure a circular or oval area with this tool. The output displays the major and minor axes lengths, along with the area of the ellipse. Use these when measuring certain types of abnormalities like suspected tumors, cysts, pockets, etc.

Elliptical measurements in Curve Imaging
Elliptical measurements in Curve Imaging.

Multi-Segment Line Measurement

This tool provides you with a way to measure multiple connected lines and angles in mm. It's really great for planning how to approach those teeth that are really tough to access!

Multi-segment line measurements in Curve Imaging
Multi-segment line measurements in Curve Imaging.

How Does It Work?

When you want to add your first measurement, you will see a button labeled “Annotate (A)” near the bottom right of the image viewer. Once you click this, a new dialog will open up that allows you to calibrate and add your measurements.


Calibration sets a standard from which other measurements will be calculated. Click “Calibrate” in the menu to set a relative value in the image by which your measurements can use as a reference.

Don’t forget to use full screen mode to be extra accurate while calibrating your image. To get into full screen, just double-click the image.

Once you've calibrated the image, you are free to choose any of the measurements listed in the dialog and start measuring!

Deleting Measurements

If you feel you have added a measurement in error, you can always delete it. You may also delete your calibration and re-add it to update measurements, if necessary. When you recalibrate the image, all measurements will update automatically.

Add Clinical Notes To Measurements

You may also attach clinical information to any measurements. Notes on measurements can be accessed from both the measurement itself, as well as the Notes module in the Sidekick.

You can add clinical notes to a measurement, as well as access existing ones.

Hiding Measurements

If any measurements that have been added to a radiograph seem to be blocking your view of the image, you also have the option of hiding them on the image. Just click the toggle (indicated below) and you will see the radiograph more clearly. Voila! Simply click again to return them to their proper places.


This is a highly-valued addition to Curve Hero and we can’t wait for you to start using it in your practice to better aid both you and your patients!


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