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Dental Billing with Itemized Adjustments Now Available

I'm happy to announce the release of an exciting new feature: the ability to itemized your adjustments before posting them. Until now, invoice adjustments in Curve Hero were automatically applied to the relevant line items and spread out evenly. You did not get the option of allocating amounts to individual line items before saving. We’ve changed that!

In order to increase the usability of our invoice adjustments, we now provide you with the ability to edit line item amounts on your adjustments before applying them. We have also simplified the workflow so that you can choose all of your options in the same place, thus removing steps.

What Does Itemizing Adjustments Look Like with Curve?

This is a highly requested feature and we are proud to make it available for you.

image of dental billing software in action
You are now able to modify adjustment amounts before saving.
image of itemized adjustments in the curve dental billing platform
Adjustment amounts for both dollars and percentages are still available.


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