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Signature Line Available On Treatment Plan Printout

Every time I employ my signature, it looks like I’m writing in Klingon. That can’t be English. Somehow, that weird looking thing has come to symbolize all that is me over the years and when I need to prove I’m me, my pen gestures with a flourish that makes most maestros jealous. I may be overselling it, but our signature becomes an important part of who we are and how we prove our identity.

We know having the proper signed documentation is an important part of your office’s daily business so we added the ability to sign a patient’s treatment plan. Now when you are printing off a patient’s treatment plan, you will see boxes for the following:

  • Patient’s / Guardian’s Signature
  • Patient’s / Guardian’s Printed Name
  • Signature Date


Signature on Printed Treatment Plan
You will now be able to sign and date a printed treatment plan in Curve Hero charting.

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