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Revised Account Statements For Everyone

Curve Dental is proud to announce that our newly revised account statements are now in the hands of everybody! We have listened to our customers and revised our statements into a more efficient and easier-to-understand format. Let’s take a look shall we?

How Do Use the New Statements?

When you access the Billing section in Hero, you will notice that now you have two links at the bottom left corner of the ledger that point you to two different choices: Detailed statements and Original statements.

Access Revised Account Statements in Billing
Access our new revised account statements from Billing.

To use our newly revised statements, simply use the Detailed Statement link and look with wonder and awe as our newly revised account statements materialize before your very eyes.

Of course, let’s not forget bulk statements. You can still access the original format for bulk account statements as previously, through the Reporting section, but now you have an additional choice as well to use our newly revised statements.

Access Revised Account Statements in Reports
Access our new revised account statements from Reports.

Why the Hype?

We have redesigned the new account statements from the bottom up. The new layout has been updated to be cleaner, more contemporary, and to display data in a more logical format. Our new account statements make it easier to explain billing actions to patients. The invoice is now displayed in groupings to better present how the data is compartmentalized on the statement. They have grouped entries by invoice, similar to how the data entries are laid out in the ledger.

We understand that this is a big change for you and your patients, and will be providing the original statement format as well, for now, to help ease the transition to our new statements format. The best of both worlds!

Detailed Statement
Example of our new detailed statements.

Detailed statements also feature a design that is specifically laid out to print on a standard 8 ½” X 11” page, as well as fits in a #9 envelope. The colorful page also prints very nicely in black and white.

We are excited for you to begin using these newly revised account statements and look forward to bringing even more enhancements in order to continue to provide you with the best solution for you and your patients.


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