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More Control Added to Statements and Licenses

At Curve Dental, we believe our customers should be in control, which is why we love receiving feedback and suggestions from our offices! We read all of your suggestions and look for opportunities to turn those suggestions into real changes. That's just what we did with your feedback on statements.

You said you wanted more customization, and we gave you more customization.

Statement Customization

We have added even more customizable settings to our already highly customizable statements:

  • Choose to show or hide removed invoice items
  • Choose to display adjustment details or just a summary
  • Include or exclude fully paid invoices
  • Opt to include or exclude invoices with outstanding insurance portions
  • Choose to include upcoming appointment information on patient printouts

We have also added improvements to our statements to use less paper and ink:

  • Added an option to print statements with outlines or full colour
  • Choose to show detailed information or condense a summary to one line
  • Resigned the statement header to be more compact

Practice-wide Statement Customization


Individual Statement Customization

Control Your Provider Licenses

Another area of the product we want to give you more control over is in management of your subscribed provider licenses. By allowing only authorized members of your team to add additional provider licences, there won’t be any surprises at the end of the month; and it ensures you are only adding seats when you need them.

Contact Sales at 888-910-4376 option 2 to purchase additional seats before adding in new unique dentist accounts.

More Control Over Paid Provider Licenses

We are always interested in innovating and improving Curve Hero to better meet your needs.

Thank you for all of the feedback you send us!

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